Some people are really hard to buy gifts for and others less so. I have always found my mum quite easy to buy for – I suppose I know her really well and have a good grasp of what she’d like as a gift on various occasions. There was a time when I found it particularly difficult as she went through a stage where she actually made and sold her own bath and shower products meaning that line of gift was completely out of the window and we had to get more creative. However, some people simply do not know what to buy their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters or any other woman whom we might celebrate or say thank you to on Mother’s day. So, I thought I’d pop together a little guide about what you could possibly get your beloved female this Mother’s Day…

Kerrie Davis Jewellery


As a big fan of this jewellery designer, how could I not include them in my suggestions of what to buy. Standard, Bespoke and Custom designs available means there is literally something to suit everyone’s tastes. Not only does she offer Silver and Copper Wire-Wrapped Jewellery pieces but she also now does gorgeous Swarovski drop pieces as well. Beautifully wrapped and delivered in a flash, I am sure any mother would be delighted to receive one of these special pieces this Mother’s Day

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Aber Falls


Whether it’s thanks to a rather famous mummy blogger names after the  stuff or some very clever advertising, whichever way you look at it Gin is one of THE MOST popular drinks for women in general at the moment. With so many different brands, types and ways too drink it we are spoilt for choice really on which one to have. Well, allow me to make things easier for you and tell you that YOU HAVE TO try the Aber Falls Rhubarb and Ginger Gin. It is absolutely delicious with the initial hit of gin, followed my a sweeter warming taste of rhubarb and ginger at the end. It comes in a pink tinted, wax sealed bottle and is from the famous Aber Falls Distillary in beautiful Wales. Pop a bottle of this in a gift bag with some delicious cranberry juice and a lime to make the perfect serve for Mother’s Day.

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One of the gifts I always treasure most no matter what the occasion is when someone takes one of my photographs (particularly of Alyssa or us both together) and has it put onto a canvas or printed as a photograph or framed. Something I have enjoyed creating this year as a gift to give myself has been a Photobook and the service at Colorland for creating it is brilliant. Simply choose the design and style template you’d like and then load all your different pictures up or pull them from Facebook and arrange them in the different designated boxes on each page which you can also move around too. There are so many different, beautiful styles to choose from that there will be something to suit every one and every occasion.

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A lot of us Mothers have a sweet tooth – it’s how we get through the day sometimes. Rather than having to hide in the cupboard and eat the children’s chocolate, why not organise a monthly subscription box with Treats who will hand select delicious sweets from retro and chocolate to new and fizzy and deliver them to your door each month.

They sent me two different boxes so that I could see what they had to offer – beautifully wrapped for each occasion on the outside and then sealed for freshness on the inside, these sweets were delicious. I have to say, sucking on a lolly dipped in sherbet sugar crystals took me right back and really made my day. I’d be over the moon if this was my gift this Mother’s Day from Alyssa – also a total bargain too! #EatYourTreats

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Of course, what would Mother’s Day be without the perfect card? I don’t honestly think you could find any better or any more choice than that of Hallmark. They very kindly sent me a huge selection of their cards to look through and use and there is something for everyone from Mum to Mummy, Nan to Grandma and even one for Step-Mums too. I love that they are being so all inclusive as the word Mum is not exclusive and anyone can be one whether biologically so or not.

A while ago we also reviewed Hallmark’s Itty Bittys which are small beanie plush toys of various characters from Disney Princesses to the Wizard of Oz and back to Marvel and they have some pretty powerhouse women figures that would make a great gift for the powerhouse woman you’re giving to this year.

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