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What Happens If You Die?

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It might sound like a bit of a melancholy subject and I don’t mean it to be, but we cannot avoid making plans for our eventual, unavoidable death if we want our loved ones to be taken care of. It is a subject often avoided as we would much rather not think about the death of a loved one, but this kind of attitude can be detrimental to those we leave behind.a young boy, bored, staring out of a rain covered window

I have been thinking more and more recently that I simply must get some affairs in order in case anything should happen to me to ensure that Alyssa is taken care of. Basically, I need to make a will and ensure that she has enough money to support her and goes to live with people who will love and care for her and raise her in the same way that I would have done had I still been around.a black and white photo of a little blonde girl sat on a path with a coloured toy that is sad with lots of bandages on

I was delighted when the people at Smart Will App got in touch and asked me if I’d be interested in using their will writing service. Now, I’ve avoided it until now as I honestly thought it would be a hassle, expensive and something I simply didn’t have time for. Well, with Smart Will that simply wasn’t the case because you can make your will using their app on your phone from the comfort of your sofa, whether it is for you or a joint will.

The app was really simple to use and what I really loved and appealed to me was that there was a whole section where I could appoint a guardian for Alyssa. No one wants to think about passing but it is so important to ensure our children are protected and our wishes are followed. Did you know, that if you don’t leave instructions as to what to do in the circumstances of your death, then the state chooses a guardian for your child for you?! I don’t know about you, but this does not fill me with confidence.

a man woman and child in jeans and boots sat on a log with a crochet blanketA lot of people will simply sit down and name someone in their will but it is not quite as clear cut as that. You need to;

  • Pick the right person – sit down and be really ruthless in your choosing
  • Discuss with them – sit down and have a frank conversation. Remember it is a lot for them to take on because it is their forever.
  • Add them to your will. Appoint and name them as the guardian for your child. Don’t forget you may want them or someone else also to be a trustee of their inheritance too.

The most important thing is to find the right person who is going to be able to comfort, provide and support your child/children should the worst happen. I’ve been onto the Smart Will App and made my choices and decisions and so should you.

Alyssa looking out in a cute outfit

Download the Smart Will App from the Apple or Android store (for free!!) and using my code “TUTU” you can get 55% OFF! This means for a single will you will pay just £35 and for a mirror will it’s just £53. PLUS they offer FREE updates for life.

Please do stop and take a moment to think about your children and what will happen when you die.

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