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What Do You Get The Person Who Has Everything?

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*This is a collaborative post.

People often say that they’re either good at buying gifts or bad at buying gifts. In truth, though, you can’t make a sweeping judgement with these things — it often has more to do with the person that we’re buying the gift for more than anything else. If someone has a lot of interests and is happy with everything, then you’ll find it difficult to go wrong. On the other hand, there are also those people that seem to have everything — now these people are difficult to buy for. 

But they’re not impossible to buy for. In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful ideas that might just help you the next time you’re stuck. 

what do you get a gift
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An Experience

The person you’re buying for might own a lot of items, but they surely haven’t done everything. So this is where you can come in. Rather than getting them a physical object, you’ll get them an activity or experience. This is something that most people love to receive because it puts the organisation in the hands of someone else. What you choose will depend, of course, on what they like to do. It could be tickets for a concert, a football match, or a trip overseas. Whatever it is, they’ll surely love it. 

Custom Items

The receiver of your gift might own a lot of items, but how many one of a kind items do they own? Probably not all that many! And this gives you a great opportunity to get them something new and exciting. There’s no shortage of options. You could look at personalised alcohol gifts or get them a branded golf ball set, or wallet. The custom approach is a nice touch at all times, but it’s especially useful when it’s a big occasion — for example, you’re buying someone something for their retirement. 

A Celebration

Sometimes, you don’t have to hand over anything at all. You can just organise a celebration instead. There aren’t too many opportunities to celebrate the good times, not since the coronavirus pandemic. But with everything beginning to open back up, there’ll be more chances — and it’s especially recommended since so many people will be eager to attend a party. Whether it’s a small affair or a large event, there’s always something magical about seeing just how many people care about you — and that makes it a great gift!

Something For Others

If they’ve got everything, then they might need anything else. In that case, look at making a charitable donation in their name. Rather than them getting something that they don’t need, the money can go to someone else and make the world better. 

A Fun Gift 

Finally, if you’re really struggling, then why not just get them something fun? We tend to think that each gift has to have some unique connection to the person, but that’s not the case. It can just be fun. Is there a game that you could pick up for them? If they’re a fun person, then it’ll go down well!

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