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Highlights of the Week: Week #22
3rd September 2016
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Life Goals: I’m A Lazy Benefit Scammer!
7th September 2016

We took the #WickedUncleChallenge… And SMASHED IT!

So, remember that time when you only had nieces and nephews or friends kids and none of your own but you still got invited to the birthdays and didn’t know what to get as a present?? No nor do I. I’ve never had a problem picking presents for children and unfortunately family members (sorry but particularly male ones) have found this very useful in the past and I’d often find myself bogged down with other people’s gifts to buy. So we decided to take the #WickedUncleChallenge …
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Do you remember a while back, I wrote a post called “Meet the Family…. Eek Don’t Kill Me!” Well in that post I introduced you to my mum’s partner Leon, who despite being amazing will Alyssa , is completely clueless when it comes to gifts and presents for children so I rallied him in to help me with this project….
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Wicked Uncle is this awesome website that would help even the most clueless unkiddy  (new word for you there…) person find a present that any child would love! All you do is head over to the website and tell it about the child…. age, girl or boy and then you get given a list of the most amazing toys that you can then filter according to the type of toy you’re looking for… creative, electronic, role play etc.
Leon, or Bear as he’s known here, was let loose on the Wicked Uncle website to search for a present for my nephew Rowan for his tenth birthday and after sifting through all the choices ended up choosing an animation kit including a camera to help him make films like those made with Wallace and Gromit. To make the service even better they also gift wrapped it for us and added  a gift tag – it looked awesome and very professional!
We headed over to Rowans house for cake and presents on his birthday and I have to say that Bear or should I say Wicked Uncle really hit a home run. The present was a huge success and something really different for my techy nephew to try – well done Wicked Uncle… I mean Bear!
rowan holding up his present and smiling
So if your presently challenged and don’t know what to get for the kiddies in your life… have no fear! Wicked Uncle do everything from baby to teens so they’ll always be something for everyone! We smashed the #WickedUncleChallenge

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  1. The Wicked Uncle Challenge seems like fun! I struggle to decide what to buy for kids. It’ll probably be the same now I have my own!