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3rd June 2016
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4th June 2016

#TribalChat Blogging Awards – May 2016

an award medal with no. 1 on it

Now, if you are a blogger you will probably have noticed that it’s awards season. If you haven’t… have you been living under a rock?!? Well, the MADS and BIBS awards are upon us and everywhere you look are blog posts seeking votes in order for our favourite bloggers to win their shortlisted category.

Another thing that has been happening in social media world the last few months is the creation of an online community, #TribalChat. As I said, a few months ago, I posted a mock advert seeking a tribe to call my very own,“Personal Ad: Blogger Seeks Tribe,” never imagining it would lead to anything. Just over 2 months later and we have a community of over 50 members who chat all week and sometimes all night long and meet together every Tuesday 8pm on Twitter to have a natter.

Most of the tribal members (tribesters) are bloggers and so we were all very caught up in the excitement of the awards nominations and shortlists and are completely over the moon and proud to say that we have 4 Tribal members in the BiBs short list this year… IslandLiving, Occupation (M)other, Thinking Out Loud and Little Hearts,Big Love! We were so over the moon to see their names up there that it masked some of the disappointment a lot of us were feeling… then I hand a light bulb moment!

Why not have our own #TribalChat blogging awards?! We could have a few categories, everyone can secretly vote and then one week we’ll have an awards evening.

So, I planned and then dropped it into our private chat group and the excitement began… I couldn’t believe how excited everyone was at the prospect of winning one of our awards – a specially made badge by yours truly!

It has been 7 long days and now we are on the eve before the awards night and tension and excitement are running high… who is going to win one of our lovely and somewhat coveted awards?! Find out tomorrow night 8pm Live on Twitter… add a #tribalchat to every tweet and join in the fun. Get your champers and your red carpet dress and here we go…

1. Wisdom

2. Writer

3. Super Blogger!


4. Social Butterfly

5. Rising Star

6. Best Re-Tweeter

7. Photography

8. Kindness

9. Inspire


10. Dedication


11. Comedienne

12. Chatterbox

Who will win what award? Tune in Tues 17th May 8PM Live on Twitter!


  1. I have just seen you tribal chats and would love to be part of it if that is possible?
    Also I love the idea of your own awards. That’s great.

  2. Emily says:

    This was an awesome idea! And hopefully an annual one? #tribalchat is hands down the coolest Twitter community in the social….something…sphere

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Haha aww thanks!! Actually the awards happen every 4 months. Next ones are in September so not long!!

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