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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Series: Week 2
16th September 2016
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Highlights of the Week: #24
17th September 2016

#TribalChat Blogging Award Winners Sept 2016

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There are now over 100 of us in #TribalChat and to be honest you’d have to have been blind not to have noticed all the hype we had going on the past few weeks for our awards! I love being the host as it means that I get to enjoy all the excitement and obviously know the winners before anyone else! I opened up the voting on the first of September and we had almost 100 votes, from bloggers and non bloggers, voting for their favourite bloggers to win one of our 15 awards… 3 of which were new ones! People had twelve days to vote and then I gave myself twenty four hours to tally all the votes and then last Tuesday I took to Twitter and we had our live awards night which resulted in #tribalchat TRENDING (I know eeekkss) and loads and loads of members and non members tuning into the results. If you missed it, which wouldn’t have been hard as chat went bloody quickly, have no fear because I am here to give you the results….

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 And the winners are…


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 The Chatterbox award went to Becky over at Sparkly Mummy!

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The Social Butterfly award goes to Sarah from The Mumzilla!

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The Rising Star award goes to Sam from Mouse, Moo and Me Too!

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The award for Best Retweeter goes to Claire from The Pramshed!

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The award for Kindness goes to Helen from Just Saying Mum!

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The Inspiration award goes to Louise from Little Hearts Big Love!


The Photography award was retained by it’s previous winner which is Pat from White Camellias!

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The new award for Honesty goes to Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine!

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Our new Helper award goes to Fi from A Mum Track Mind!

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Our new Tear-Jerker award goes to Catie from Diary of An Imperfect Mum!


The Wisdom award also stayed with it’s previous winner… Claudia from Dr. Mummykins!


The Dedication award winner is Bridie from Bridie by the Sea!


Our Comedienne award goes to Beth from The Beta Mummy!


Our Writer award went to Min from Single Mum Speaks!

a co

Finally, our Super-blogger award went to Emma from Island Living 365!

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There you have it folks – next #TribalChat Blogging awards will open for votes on January 1st 2017 with the awards night hosted by me on 17th January 2017!

If you’re a blogger looking for your tribe or if you’d like to be eligible for the next tribal awards be sure to head over to Tribal Chat Facebook and also Tribal Chat Tweet to stay up to date with the latest news and threads. Don’t forget it’s live chat on Twitter every Tuesday 8PM GMT with a different host each week!

Thanks to everyone for making ‘#Tribal Chat what it is and if you’d like to know how it all got started head over and read my original post…

“Personal Ad: Blogger Seeks Tribe!”


  1. Well done to all the winners. So deserved. I must try harder next time to blag one! xx

  2. So very well done for making this happen Katie! X

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  4. Congrats to everyone. I wanted to follow on Twitter but been away in a place with very limited 3G and wifi! Hope to get more involved in future #TribalChat – it’s a great idea. Xx

  5. Thank you Hun for all your hard work. I was honoured to receive an award! ❤️