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Top Tips to Increase Fertility

I was always worried I’d never be able to have children. There was no reasoning behind my thoughts it was merely because I wanted a child so badly I thought fate would deal me the worst hand I could imagine. Once you become a mum, it’s a whirlwind of new experiences whist trying to find all the right answers. It’s helpful to have resources at your fingertips to turn to when the unexpected comes up. Check in with to stay on top of the latest research on health and parenting techniques by medical professionals and real mums. I was fortunate enough to get pregnant (when I was actually on contraception) and didn’t need to worry about how to increase my fertility but others are not quite so lucky…

Ways To Improve Fertility

Some women are lucky that they don’t have any trouble conceiving while others struggle to get pregnant. It is always recommended for you and your partner to have a checkup with your healthcare provider to ensure everything is in working order before trying to have a baby.stack of vegetables

Here are some tips everyone can do to improve their fertility…

1. Eating Nutrient-Rich Food

Making sure your body is functioning optimally is essential. For instance, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a disorder which can lead to infertility. It is also associated with an increased production of insulin. Taking medication to increase insulin sensitivity or eating a diet which is low in sugar can actually affect someone’s fertility. While this is one example, it shows how important eating well is to our body.

There are vitamins and minerals which are known to be especially helpful in fertility. Some of them include:

2. Keeping Busya woman in fitness gear reaching over behind her head to grab her foot

The most infuriating advice to women seeking to become pregnant is to tell them to ‘relax’. A surefire way to get someone to worry is to tell them to not to worry.

Massages are relaxing but they can’t erase the stress of wanting to be pregnant. The worst part is that it does seem that overthinking fertility can somehow get in the way of actually conceiving.

Because it’s impossible to stop thinking about something you desperately want, you should keep yourself busy instead of forcing yourself to relax. Take up gardening, mentor someone at work, volunteer in a soup kitchen – dust off your bucket list and start cracking away at it.

3. Sleeping Well

The same way you invest in eating well and exercising should be the way you invest in your sleep. We know how sleep affects many bodily functions and there are studies done showing possible links between sleep and fertility.

Having trouble sleeping? Try these ideas:

  • Keep your bedroom cool
  • Regularly exercise
  • Stay away from screens before bed
  • Go to sleep at the same time every night
  • Avoid long naps

If you are trying to have children, work on making yourself as healthy as you can be. This is the kindest gift you can give yourselves and your future children
*This is a collaborative post.

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