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Top Shops When Furnishing Your Home

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We all have different tastes and different aesthetics when it comes to what we would like our homes to look like. I always thought mine would be quite modern and minimalist, but stepping out and finally having the opportunity to choose the way I want my/our home to look like has really surprised me. It turns out, that whilst I don’t like a huge amount of clutter, I actually like quite traditional looks with almost a country feel to them… no one was more surprised than me! Coming to this realisation and having the opportunity to shop for bits and pieces has meant that I have found a few shops that I really love window shopping and eventually buying from.

I do not have the biggest budget in the world, so don’t panic that I am going to be sending you off to Harrods in search of the latest £20,000 sofa which is a complete bargain – no! a wooden floor and bare brick walls a brown wing backed arm chair in the corner with a multi-tonal brown cushion on and to the right 4 wooden dining table chairs

One of my absolute favourite places to pick up amazing items for nearly nothing is Facebook Marketplace. Yes you have to wade through the rubbish and make sure someone isn’t trying to swindle you but actually it is totally worth it because you can find some absolute steals. We got a brand new £25 arm chair that just so happened to be the match for the sofa we already had! I also, with a little help, managed to bag a free table which just needed a little up cycling… can’t get cheaper than free.

Another great spot is HarryPrint to pick up some great bits for the home.

I really liked Apres furniture for modular office furniture and in particular their cage storage which can just hold so much and is perfect for both the office and storing all madams bits and pieces. I have so many business ideas that you never know I may need some of the bigger furniture pieces in the future.

You simply cannot beat IKEA for all the little bits. I find the rooms that are set up are really handy for interior design ideas (as well as Pinterest) but I love the market halls for candles, kitchen bits and the best ginger biscuits I have ever tasted! I don’t go often but when I do, I do IKEA right!

a side board with cacti and a pink picture in a frame with a mint wall behind

Where do you like to shop that’s not too pricey but great for furnishing a home?

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