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Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Work

*This is a collaborative post.

Cleaning a toilet is one of the house chores that most homeowners don’t fancy. While it might seem like one of the worst jobs, you can’t live in a house with a dirty toilet. Everyone feels comfortable and happy using a clean toilet. So, why not channel the same energy when it comes to cleaning your toilets?

While the job might seem pretty straightforward, some people have no idea how to clean a toilet perfectly. All they do is scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, and that’s about it. Unfortunately, that’s not how you should go about it. Here are a few tips and hacks that you might want to use when cleaning your toilet.

Use a Pumice Stone

Have you been having a difficult time removing toilet bowl rings? Well, a pumice stone is what you are missing. As you well know, toilet bowl rings are pretty common in areas with hard water. Unfortunately, getting rid of the toilet bowl ring requires you to use a strong acid, which might end up ruining your toilet bowl. This explains why most stores are not stocking up on strong toilet cleaners.  

Now that acidic toilet cleaners are dangerous, using a pumice stone might be your only option. The process is pretty simple, start by soaking the pumice stone in water to soften it. Once wet, use it to scrub the ring gently. You’ll have gotten rid of the stubborn bowl rings in no time.

Use White Vinegar

While most people use bleach to remove toilet stains and kill germs, it has been proven that white vinegar is much safer. Chlorine bleach produces harsh fumes and might even end up ruining your toilet bowl. To protect yourself and your investment, you need to use plain old white vinegar to get rid of stains. It is equally effective and much safer than industrial cleaning supplies.

To get rid of stains, you should soak toilet paper in white vinegar and place it on top of the stains. Leave the soaked toilet paper to sit overnight before flushing the toilet. You’ll be surprised by how effective the vinegar is at removing stains.

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Use Coca Cola

Have you ever heard that you can use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet? Well, most people think it’s a myth, but it isn’t. It turns out that Coca-Cola can do the heavy lifting for you to get rid of toilet stains. So, if you’ve been having doubts about purchasing coke cans to clean your toilet, now you’ve got the green light.

If you decide to use Coca-Cola, pour one or two cans of coke along the edges of the bowl. Leave the soda to sit on the toilet bowl overnight and flush the fizz away in the morning. Your toilet will be spotlessly clean, and you can thank yourself with a can of soda.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide Weekly

Cleaning your toilet with toilet cleaners does not mean that it is free of bacteria. As you well know, toilets provide reasonable breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Fortunately, you can kill the bacteria with the help of hydrogen peroxide. You just have to pour enough hydrogen peroxide under your toilet rim and allow it to sit for half an hour. Once you are done, scrub the toilet bowl thoroughly and rinse it. If you repeat this procedure every week, your toilet will remain free of bacteria.

Apart from using hydrogen peroxide on your toilet, you might want to use some on your toilet brush. It will freshen the brush and kill any bacteria that might have clung to it.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve read from this post, cleaning your toilet is not all about scrubbing it with a brush. You can use plenty of tips to ensure that your toilet remains clean and free of bacteria. As much as these tips sound weird, they work like a charm. Try them out, and you won’t be disappointed.  

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