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Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 24
2nd February 2017
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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #19
5th February 2017

To My Own Front Door

Sometimes wouldn’t it be easier if we just didn’t have to leave the house?! I mean think about it… I wouldn’t need to worry about what my face looks like (though I may have given up on this anyway) I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair, or packing a toddler bag so rammed to the brim that carrying it feels like I’m on an army exercise and I wouldn’t have to worry in case my little darling has a complete meltdown for some unknown reason because no one would be there to see it – sounds like bliss. I could crack a window open for fresh air every now and again and we’d be set. Okay okay okay, I might miss it after a while but to tell you the truth, after almost two years of being a single work from home mummy who has only really ventured out for shopping required outings and the occasional coffee I’ve kind of lost the need for most outside amenities. However, some you do still have to venture out for, or so I thought…

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To be honest, whilst it is a blissful thought not to have to put on a bra and get out of pjs to head out into the world, it is not very practical. However, there are some services you can now enjoy right at your own front door and you can ensure you pay exactly what you want to as well. Bidvine got in touch with me and asked me if I’d like to try out their service – you go onto their website, choose the service you are looking for e.g. Portrait Photographers in Bournemouth and off you go on your search, providing more information as you go.

screen shot showing the boxes where you enter the service you want and the post code area of where you want it

They have all sorts of services available and initially all you have to do is enter what service you require and the area you need it in…

You are then asked more specifically about the requirements you need from the service e.g. what type of portrait photography did I need?

There is also an option to set your own budget so that you know whoever responds to your request will be inside the budget you have set.

Best of all… you can choose the option to have the service pro carry out your requirements in your own home – hence my reason for keeping my pyjamas on, although I suppose the photographer might look at me strangely for this!woman sat typing on a laptp

What happens next is brilliant – you are sent an email confirming your service request and then over the next few hours (though it does state in the email over the next few days) I received text messages and emails (you opt into receiving texts as it can just be emails) with different businesses matching the criteria I requested and bidding for the job I had placed. They introduced themselves, gave a little information about the business and the amount it would cost me to have the service I had requested – brilliant! All I would then have to do, is choose which service I would like to use and book them in… how easy is that?!

woman with brown hair holding a camera

I was really impressed with the service that Bidvine supplies and the way in which in can put me in contact with so many different amenities – such a clever idea and ensuring that I get the best price is even better. You can search for everything from a cleaner, to piano lessons, to a personal trainer and a man in a van – whatever you need it looks like they can help.
So whatever service you need, why not head on over and see if you can find it at Bidvine – definitely something I’ll be doing, especially when I earn enough money to have my own Personal Chef!
This is a collaborative post – all opinions are my own.

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