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I’m a Blogging Success Because… Week #13
4th December 2016
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I Can’t Believe It’s Been a Year!
5th December 2016

Tis The Season…

It’s getting closer isn’t it? Our tree is up and the decorations are about to go on. The Christmas cake is almost ready to be iced and a small pile of presents is slowly starting to appear in my cupboard and honestly… I am so excited! I cannot help it – I love it! One of the things I love most about this time of year is often the clothes I get to wear – my colours change from the bright peaches, pinks and pastels of the summer to the deep reds and burnt oranges of Winter. I have never been one for going out a lot over the Christmas season as I much prefer to stay at home with my family, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make an effort to look nice – Oh no! We love getting a bit dressed up, even if we are staying at home and this year will be no different I can assure you…


Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not all glitz and glamour at home by any means (sometimes you’ll be lucky if I put mascara on let alone any other make-up) but you can be comfy and look good at the same time… can’t you?! Yes you can and I am managing it perfectly this season with the help of Simply Be. I have been a customer and fan of theirs for years as for plus size girls like me, you can always guarantee to find something that a)fits b) doesn’t look like a tent and c)looks bloody gorgeous too!

red woolen jumper - longer in back than front


Imagine my glee, when Simply Be let me choose a couple of items from their current season’s fashion – heaven!! Well, of course I had to pick something from knitwear – what is Winter and Christmas without a damn good, comfy and gorgeously festive jumper?! I ended up choosing this gorgeous Fluffy Jumper from Joe Brown (FYI one of my absolute fave brands EVER EVER) because I thought the colour was absolutely stunning and not only that but I loved the details on it too – the floral arm cutouts on either side are beautiful and also they show a little bit of skin without showing too much if you know what I mean. The scoop neck is perfect as it doesn’t sit too high – which as all busty ladies know is a bloomin nightmare as we often get stuck with v-necks and nothing else. Finally, the floral theme is continued on the bottom with the trim detail – which again is just beautiful. The jumper arrived and it was so soft and warm – I am not sure I will be taking it off anytime soon!

black and red top with a pointed bottom and butterfly print

Now, sticking with both the red theme annnnnddd Joe Browns (sorry I just had to!!) is this gorgeous Butterfly Tunic! I love a good tunic – they sit really well like a good baby doll or empire line style dress as they hit the boobs and then just drop down which is very flattering to those of us with a little bit of a tummy. Again, loving the features of this top – the butterfly pattern is just beautiful and I love how the sleeves are plain as I think if the pattern had carried on there it would have just been too much! Again, a nice scoop neck and I know it looks high but actually once you put it on it sits comfortably low on the chest line without showing too much cleavage. I also really like the pointed bottom detail on the top too as it makes my body appear longer and anything that makes me look longer and leaner gets a thumbs up over here!!

Honestly, I could have spent all day shopping and have in fact since been over to Simply Be and ordered several items for family members for Christmas – especially as they have so many items on discount at the moment…. how could I not?! I am hoping that once they have worn them a few times post Christmas, I might be able to borrow them but shhhh don’t go telling them about my ulterior motives!

a red christmas present with a gold bow and christmas lights out of focus in the background

Let’s hope my family have all clocked onto the hugely unsubtle hints I have been dropping about where to shop for clothes for me for Christmas – I think you can safely say anything from Simply Be or Joe Browns at Simply Be would be a safe bet as being a hit for me this Christmas. How about you – what do you like wearing during this festive season?


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