Winter Sun: Family Holiday in Tenerife!
18th December 2017
Come Play With Me!
19th December 2017
I am not a very social person in real life. Virtually I am here there and everywhere as you well know but off the screen I have kind of enclosed myself in a small bubble the past few years. I’ve grown comfy there, if a little lonely at times and once you get into that kind of space, it is very hard to get out of it. When I found out I was pregnant, I lost someone I thought was my best friend who also took all of “our” friends with her and what with the breakdown of my relationship too, I ran into the arms of my family, nestled and stayed there. I have ventured out and slowly grown my bubble over the years to include one or two people to ensure Alyssa is never starved of company or companions but in the entire three years, since December 2014, I have not ventured out in the evening with friends or anything of the sort.I have simply had mummy daytime play dates and that’s it. Well, that’s all about to change this year and I need the clothes to match it…

So, I have very recently expanded my little bubble even more and have a lovely new friend (whom I won’t name for fear of scaring her away!) We are both single mummies of children (though she is a bit amazeballs managing two) and it is nice to have a friend in a similar position to myself. However, we are very different in the fact that she appears to be the biggest social butterfly and is always on the going – seeing friends, having play dates, staying away and it all sounds lovely and I’m at home going woohoo we made a lollipop stick kite!

After a few hours spent at her house one evening, having dinner and a drink, she invited me to a dinner party at her house in a few weeks time. There would be 4 other women and obviously sensing my anxiety she filled me in on a few details about them and I nervously accepted the invite. Bless her heart she also invited me to her birthday party in the New Year which, if I can sodding well find someone to come with me (the two people I asked said No and that was kind of the end of the list of people I know) I’ll be getting my glad rags on and heading off, so I am going to need something a little bit more glam than my mum uniform of leggings, a tee and converse topped with a mum bun to wear.

I’ve changed body shape and size ALOT since the last time I went looking for and outfit to wear “out out” and although I’m not really going “out out” I am still going out so this calls for new clothes. Quiz clothing have some gorgeous party dresses this season and I loved browsing through the virtual rails to try and find something I liked. I’m a big fan of the fit and flare fifties style dress and having dark colouring, bold colours like red suit me but I tend to veer towards black more so that I don’t stand out too much.

They also have so many gorgeous shoes and accessories meaning that I could in fact get a whole outfit all in one place which for someone like me who is somewhat reluctant to venture out anyway it does make things a whole lot simpler. I love their range – they are not overly kind to us plus-sized goddesses as they do stop at a size 18 but they have some lovely looks available especially if you’re in the “size norm” bracket.

woman looking out at the sea. facing away from the camera

So this is me and if you look down my toes are peeking just over my bubble line and I am stepping out into the big wide world. I am NOT going to guarantee that I won’t be running back inside and diving under my duvet sometime soon but hey at least I am making the moves. It’s about time I suppose so be kind please world!
*This is a collaborative post.

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