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28th February 2022
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Tips For Making Sure Your Kid’s Studying Isn’t Disrupted

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Studying needs to be a concentrated effort. If there are disruptions at work, the hours spent staring at books can be for nothing. 

Unfortunately, school stress is a nationwide problem, with kids today often feeling behind on their work due to the pandemic. They’ve had enough disruptions on that account, so as a parent, you should do everything you can to ensure your kid’s education is as steady as possible. Though they become more independent as learners as they age, your input can still be valuable here. To help you in this aim, we’ve listed some tips below that might help. 

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Have Electrical Fixes in Mind

Much of the learning experience is concentrated online today. Even though kids are now back in school, they still need a reliable internet connection at home to complete homework and coursework. 

Because of this, faulty technology and electrics can’t be tolerated for long. If you need an electrician in South East London, Trade Facilities Services are available around the clock to fix any serious faults in your property’s electrics. They’re qualified and registered to help with electrical emergencies of any nature. Once you have these types of services in mind, your kids should experience fewer obstacles on their studying journey. Even having the contact details of these experts in your phonebook can give you all peace of mind too. 

Schedule Breaks

There’s a difference between a scheduled break and an unplanned disruption. By focusing your efforts on the former, you’ll reduce the number of occurrences of the latter. 

Some parents can be overzealous in encouraging their children to study. Try to recognise the perks of taking breaks, such as experiencing energy boosts, improving memory and creativity, as well as reducing stress. It’s not only good for your kid’s studying prospects but also for their general health too. 

Taking a break every hour is better than studying in longer blocks, where concentration and motivation will surely wane. Studying disruptions through procrastination can make people feel guilty or lazy. Still, if it’s reframed in mind as a deserved break, your kids may enjoy studying more and become more confident in their efforts.  

Soundproof Study Spaces

Family homes aren’t always the quietest of places. This can be especially true if you have more than one child to look after! 

That said, this doesn’t mean disruptions to study time should be expected. In addition to instructing other family members to be quiet during this time, you can also soundproof study spaces to minimise any noise coming from outside. Things like foam panels can be worthy additions here. 

Once a room is soundproofed, your kids will have a more consistent studying experience. They won’t need to wait for windows of concentration between car horns or building works. Instead, they can be content in making steady progress in peace and quiet. 

These measures can also minimise tensions indoors. If siblings disrupt one another, it can lead to arguments or even fights, especially during important exam periods. Soundproof study spaces and your children can be firmly out of one another’s spheres during these testing times. 

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