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The Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum From Casdon Toy Review

I wonder when it is that we stop liking housework. If you have a little one anything like mine, anytime I get a duster, cloth, vacuum out she is right there eager to “help” in her own special way. I personally despise housework but know for a fact I was the same as her at her age so I wonder when it was that I began to hate it?! Of course, I do not allow her to use any actual chemicals and cleaning products that could be harmful to her and her skin, so I improvise with a spray bottle containing water with a drop of an essential oil in and her own cleaning cloth. It was a problem when it came to vacuuming as she would just hold the hoover with me… imagine a solid tonne of stone holding on to the vacuum whilst you are trying to use it and you get the idea. So when Casdon sent us the new Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum toy to review I don’t know who was more excited, her or me?!

The Casdon Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum is the exact replica of the DC59 handheld model.

This mini-person little vacuum as a simulated cyclone action which has moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder, includes changeable attachments that transforms into a handheld unit from a floor vacuum with working suction and picks up dust and pieces of paper and offers a one hand easy removable system, simple for your little helper.

It is really lightweight which is perfect for all little ones and whilst a normal vacuum can sometimes startle children, this does simulate the noise but in a much gentler way. The fact that it does actually pick up small bits of debris and dust is brilliant though I did need to make sure it was me that emptied it and not her!

It was also really easy to put together and change the different parts as there is a simple press and release button to change all the attachments.

My little one loves role play and has such a great imagination that it is toys like this that really feed it. I was concerned it would be a bit flimsy but actually for a lightweight toy it was good quality that I don’t think will break too easily.

For ages 3 years +. Required 3 x AA Batteries (not included) Overall it’s a fun toy that will be loved by many. Retailing around £35 it will make a brilliant Christmas Gift.

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