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19th December 2018
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23rd December 2018
I was thinking about how we have always done Christmas – since were little and now still into adulthood, we get and got asked what we would like as our MAIN present and what we’d like as little bits to go with it. Over the years this has been many things from bikes to barbies to clothes to technology. I think this is a nice way to do it, especially with kids, as it kerbs expectations and stops them thinking they are going to get anything and everything they have asked for. So I was starting to think if I was a child from 2-5 years old or and older child of 9-13, what would I ask for this year. In case you’ve been wondering what to get them, here’s my suggestions of THE Christmas Gift for 2018 for children and pre-teens.

Children aged 2 – 5

They do so much learning during this time, I was thinking that it really needed to be something that stimulated the mind, encouraged independent but creative and imaginative play and that was basically a lot of fun. Then it suddenly hit me – play kitchen. One of my favourite toys as a child and actually one of Alyssa’s and Lily’s favourite toys is playing in their toy kitchens and so for me this would be THE Christmas gift for a young child .

There are a lot of different kitchens on the market and I don’t know about you, but we don’t have a huge amount of space for a giant kitchen so when I came across the Casdon Hotpoint Electric Cooker I thought this was great. It looks exactly like the real thing, lights up, makes sizzling sounds AND comes with pots, pans and food and so it is a complete little cooking set. They have a huge range so you could also grab the kettle, toaster, microwave, washing machine and gradually build a whole kitchen, but this is a great way to kick off.

Children aged 9-13

It’s at this point they really are starting to become much more independent and know their own minds. Rowan is officially 12 and knows what he likes and what he doesn’t which is fair enough. As much as it will pain A LOT of people to hear this but technology is where it’s at and it’s what most kids are looking for at Christmas. For Rowan it is the Nintendo Switch and quite frankly I don’t blame him.

The last console I owned was a Nintendo DS and I loved it and yes I had it in metallic pink and it was epic. I was really intrigued to try out the Switch and I absolutely loved it. It’s interactive, the graphics are amazing and the games are endless. We tried out the Nintendo Labo accessory packs that go with the Switch too and they were awesome! If you’re looking for a MAIN present for your older child/ pre-teen then I’d definitely suggest the Nintendo Switch. They are pricey but do keep an eye out as you can get some great bargains…and I love the neon!

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*Items were sent for the purposes of review – all opinions are my own.

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