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23rd July 2018
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29th July 2018

The BIG Thrive Online Small Business Network £300 Giveaway!

I am all about supporting small businesses because when you think about it, I myself am a small business. I might not necessarily provide a physical product BUT I do something that does in fact class me as self-employed. I know how hard it is, particularly when you start out and how worrying it can be, wondering if your business will work or whether you might have to go back to the 9-5 that pays the bills. There is also no guarantee – you can be busy and rushed off your feet one minute and dead as a door knob the next and that is why as I say I am all about supporting small businesses and helping to get them seen by the masses, or my following at least. So I have teamed up with Thrive Online – in case you haven’t heard of it, it is the most amazing network for small businesses. Basically it helps you get seen on social media and in turn, through hard work, can also increase and boost your sales. It also has an amazing team which offer brilliant services such as graphic design, including logo and banner work, website building (have to say their graphic designer actually built my site so I love her!!) they also have a couple of social media gurus able to turn any platforms frown upside down as well as an Etsy expert able to set up the perfect store from scratch and have it running in no time. Well, I have teamed up with their Team of Network Moderators, to showcase their amazing businesses and bring you an ultimate international giveaway…

Rainbow Felt Designs

So this lovely little business was founded by a lady called Louise who started sewing as a way of combating her anxiety and depression. I can imagine that sewing would be quite therapeutic in that respect. However, what was unexpectedly discovered was an amazing skill she never knew she had. Over time she grew in confidence and eventually, Rainbow Felt Designs was born. She makes and sews decorations and gifts by hand and I think they’re absolutely beautiful.

Louise will be giving away this gorgeous Hanging Weather Decoration which would be great in any child’s room or nursery!

You can also shop Rainbow Felt Designs here. 


Jazzy Jems Jewals

Now I am all about something that sparkles and particularly when it comes to summer I love to have a bracelet on or an anklet on and often this is to try and show off what little tan I have managed to grab. Jazzy Jems Jewals was created by the lovely Jasmine and is Handmade silver charm bracelets and rings which can be made to order.

They are all made from sterling silver and there are so many different designs you’re bound to find something to suit you or someone you love. This is perfect, what I’d call, boho chic jewellery and it even comes in fat finger sizes like mine.

For the big network giveaway, Jasmine is kindly giving away not one but TWO items – a gorgeous beaded Tree of Life bracelet and a  stretch custom coloured Jazzy Jems ring! You can also shop Jazzy Jems Jewals here.

Devine Creative

Now this business holds a special place for me. Devine Creative has been a long time coming and was formerly founded only recently by the amazing Emma though she has been working behind the scenes for a while. Everything you see here on Mummy in a Tutu other than the words is all thanks to this lady. She built my site from scratch, designed my logo and jumps in at a moments notice to fix problems and yell at useless people called Kirby from my host who don’t know what they’re doing.

On a more professional front, Emma is an amazing Graphic Designer and computer guru. She is the designer behind Thrive Online and offers all sorts of graphic and technical services from logo design to site building. I was doing a clothing campaign once and the clothes looked awful and she even managed to iron the trousers in the image and the sweetheart also airbrushed me too!

For the big network giveaway, the lovely Emma is giving away a £15 design voucher to use as you please so that’s almost your brand new logo right there!

You can also look at her full range of services and book Devine Creative here.

Kerrie Davis Jewellery

As one of my favourite jewellery brands and small businesses it is no surprise that this isn’t the first time that Kerrie Davis Jewellery has graced the pages of Mummy in a Tutu.  The company was founded by it’s owner Kerrie, who is based in Dorset where she also runs a successful VA and Social Media Business (FYI She’s the Etsy Guru from Thrive if you want to book her… just saying!)

She started out doing Beaded jewellery but it didn’t really float her boat and then came across wirework and fell in love with how intricate it is and how no two pieces (except earrings of course) can ever be the same! Her work is without a doubt simply breathtaking and I keep trying to nab more and more pieces and failing – though she has accessorised me for an upcoming campaign so watch this space.

Kerrie Davis Jewellery is giving away this gorgeous set of Sterling Silver Moonstone drop Earrings for the big Network giveaway.

You can shop Kerrie Davis Jewellery here or find her Etsy and Social Media Services here.

Handmakes and Keepsakes

Now this absolutely gorgeous business I discovered just a few weeks ago and already we have a couple of their items in our household (I also have another giveaway running of their very own HERE if you want to enter!) Handmakes and Keepsakes was created by the lovely Vicky who currently lives in Bath. She has been crafting for years but after creating items for her own wedding, people started approaching her to make things for them too and thus her business was born.

Not only is Vicky the loveliest person you could meet but her projects are absolutely stunning. We have a Personalised Floral Framed Initial which is just breathtakingly beautiful and we also have a mirror heart plaque inscribed with my daughters name and date of birth which was a birthday gift.

Handmakes and Keepsakes has very kindly offered a beautiful Personalised Compact Mirror and Giveaway for this mass giveaway!

You can also shop Handmakes and Keepsakes here… and you should too!

Becca’s Boutique

We’re travelling across the pond for this one which is what makes our giveaway an international one (Sorry UK entrants this prize isn’t for you I’m afraid!) Becca’s Boutique is the business child of the lovely Rebecca from Charlotee, NC in the good old USA. She makes the most incredible home decor pieces and specialises in what I can only describe as the most gorgeous wreaths.

I follow Rebecca on Facebook because I can’t wait to see what Wreath she will pull out next. I absolutely loved her 4th of July, full on Americana wreath and I am dying for her to sort out her international shipping so I can have a white and silver one made to hang on my door for Christmas. Who’s with me?!

Rebecca is very generously giving away one of her amazing $50 wreaths to the lucky winner in the USA.

If you’re stateside you can also shop Becca’s Boutique here.

Maria Parker Design

Going in a completely different direction and we arrive with Maria, the founder of Maria Parker  design. She began life in Romania and has now visited over 229 different places around the world. She has swum with dolphins in Mexico, ridden a horse into the sea in Jamaica and said her ” I dos” in the UK and this has culminated in her work.

Maria Park Design is Maria’s art which reflects those travels and experiences that she’s had and her innermost feelings. Each piece is extremely personal and unique and totally one of a kind.

Maria has kindly offered one of her original artwork pieces for the giveaway.

You can also shop Maria Parker Design here. 


Geekdom Collectables

Now I have always been a geek and for a while I was rather ashamed of it as it was used to mock and ridicule me and put me down. But now I shout it loud and proud and also admit to being a bit of a closet gamer when I have the time too. So Geekdom Collectables completely appeals to my inner geek!

Founded by Beccy from her home in Flintshire where she lives with her two children, she is passionate about all things nerdy and geekish and offers a selection of new and pre-loved collectible toys and gifts. You know when you find someone and you’d just really love to spend a few hours going through their stock cupboards?! Wonder what she’d think of the bag of 1000 pogs and slammers I still have in my storage boxes?!

Beccy is offering the lucky UK winner a Mystery Collectables box – I just want to know what’s inside?!

You can also shop Geekdom Collectables here.

The Golden Toad

I have always been amazed by those people who can knit and sew and Sandy, the founder of The Golden Toad, has been crocheting since the grand old age of 9. I had a go once and it completely boggled my mind. I guess sometimes you either have the skill or you don’t and Sandy definitely does.

Over the years her designs have become so much more complicated and intricate and she just loves seeing what the yarn and obviously her hands are capable of creating. One of the biggest joys for Sandy is creating these treasures for them to be taken into family’s and used and kept for generations to come. That’s one of the reasons she started her business which is going from strength to strength.

Now Sandy is also USA only and is giving away a gorgeous Crochet Shawl.

If you’re stateside you can also shop The Golden Toad right here.

Emma’s Bath Bomb Delights

I don’t know about you but in this house we are bath people. Not only that but we are bath bomber people meaning that it is practically a crime to have a bath without a bath bomb in it. I have unfortunately passed this trait on to my daughter as well meaning I pretty much need a constant supply of them now.

Introducing Emma’s Bath Bomb Delights – This was founded by the lovely Emma who is a mum of 3 and suffered from social anxieties and was a bit of a recluse. Making the soaps and bath bombs helped to calm her down and so she started her own business where effectively she now calms down and relaxes other people!

The pictures of her amazing creations jump off the page so much so I can practically smell them already! For the giveaway, Emma has kindly offered this amazing box of goodies – I’d better enter for Alyssa!

You can also shop Emma’s Bath Bomb Delights here.

Ladybird Nail Polish

I am no good at self-care. I make sure Alyssa is always taken care of and wants for nothing but when it comes to myself I am a little slack at making sure I am okay. However, something as simple as painting my nails can make the world of difference and to do that I need beautiful nail polishes to go with it.

Ladybird Nail Polish was founded by Poly when she fell in love with beautiful nail colours but wanted more choice from a cruelty free vegan perspective. So she began sourcing her own ingredients and mixing her own colours and thus Ladybird Nail Polish was born.

Poly is giving away 3 gorgeous colours from their glitter and holographic range which are of course all hand poured as well as being vegan and cruelty free.

You can also shop Ladybird Nail Polish here.

The Butterflies Kiss

So pleased to be featuring a second crocheter and maker of beautiful things, I’m pleased to introduce The Butterflies Kiss. Founded by Charlotte a 30 year old mother of 1, she is a woman who loves crocheting. She actually only learned to crochet about 8 years ago but has been hooked ever since (pun definitely intended!)

She specialises in toys and makes some really beautiful items and keepsakes in her shop and all her toys are CE tested and marked which is brilliant.  She founded The Butterflies Kiss about 6 years ago and is not afraid to try new and daring patterns and now even has a degree in crochet which I didn’t even know you could get!

She has kindly donated this gorgeous multi-coloured crochet bear for our big giveaway.

You can shop The Butterflies Kiss here.



Thrive Online

As previously stated, it is the most amazing network for small businesses. Basically it helps you get seen on social media and in turn, through hard work, can also increase and boost your sales. It also has an amazing team which offer brilliant services such as graphic design, including logo and banner work, website building and they also have a couple of social media gurus able to turn any platforms frown upside down as well as an Etsy expert able to set up the perfect store from scratch and have it running in no time.

I have personally used their services for special campaigns and the boosts have been incredible. I have also seen the graphic design work done and spoken to some of their Social Media clients and no one has anything but rave reviews for Thrive.

You can also experience them yourselves if you are the UK winner as Thrive are giving away a £15 Thrive Services voucher so use it wisely!

You can also chat to a Thrive Staff member about available services and book support here.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

ALL UK Based prizes above will be for 1 winner. Boutique Becca and The Golden Toad’s items will be for a USA Winner Only–  no monetary exchange available
Some choices are available at the business owners individual discretion
Contest is open until 12/08/2018
Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of EACH individual business
 Mummy in a Tutu cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
This post was written in collaboration with Thrive Online
All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn
Entrants personal information is strictly classified and only winners information will be passed to the listed businesses for the purposes of prize distribution
UK and US Entrants Only


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