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Social media is a vast place, with Facebook having billions of accounts, Youtube hosting trillions of videos, and most developed nations’ having a majority of residents using social media platforms at least monthly.
People share things on social media that they wouldn’t share elsewhere. Although most people house brain-to-mouth – more like, brain-to-fingers-to-Internet – filters regarding sharing sensitive information, some people let inappropriate sentiments, feelings, and happenings slip on social media.

Further, social media is also unique in that it has the potential to save information indefinitely. Things that happen in “real life” aren’t recorded unless camera, microphone, or similar recording devices capture them. However, such records are typically available to single individuals or narrow groups, unlike most social media profiles, which are viewable by people around the world.

Don’t Be Selective in Using Certain Social Platforms woman laptop work blog coffee computer phone

It’s a well-known fact that Facebook boasts a higher user count than any other social media platform on planet earth. While it’s often time-effective to utilize Facebook to find candidates, not everybody has a Facebook page.

Some people might only have a YouTube, Twitter, or Tumblr page, for example.

Although searching several sites takes longer than simply searching one, make sure to be impartial in choosing which sites to look for potential employees on. You might find important information on under-used social media platforms that both you and I have never heard of.

Look for Candidates on Social Medialaptop open but off in the background on a desk with a bunch of yellow and red flowers in focus at front of picture. Photo shot from above

This comes with drawbacks. People that see your advertisements on social media are likely to believe that your company utilizes social media in making hiring decisions. As such, their profiles are likely to contain little to no information that could cause anyone to think negatively about them.

However, you can also use your social media page to gauge how popular particular platforms are among employees. Doing so can let you know about which sites you should search for applicants’ information.

Check Their Credentials Without Exceptionwoman sat typing on a laptp

Arguably the entire point of social media is to share information with one another. Rather than consuming information from sources you aren’t familiar with, social media allows you to check up on the intimate details of friends’, families’, and others’ lives.

As such, social media users tend to share information about themselves that are true. Also, not everyone updates information across multiple social media pages that they use, regularly or sparsely. This juxtaposition of tendencies results in people not updating all sites to reflect sentiments that are actually true.

It’s possible for your business to catch employees in active lives without even having to talk to them. To make sure that applicants’ credentials are likely true, look to as many social media platforms as possible, especially those for professionals, like LinkedIn.woman sat at a computer writing with a cup of coffee

Don’t Just Look at Applicants’ Posts – Take Peers Into Consideration

Never look at people’s friends lists on social media. Susie could be friends with Dave, who flashes large amounts of cash money and shares sentiments related to using illicit drugs, on social media. However, the two’s behavior could be entirely different.

The reason Dave might have Susie added is that they’re family. As such, as social media screening organization Fama likes to do, ignore the suitability of friends’ social media pages in your hiring search.

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However, always consider posts shared directly with applicants on social sites. This likely means they’re friends, or at least acquaintances, and could result in uncovering important info.
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