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The Bellies Babies | A Review

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are our own
Alyssa has never hugely been into dolls. She went through a phase of having a pram and rocking crib but she primarily sat in these herself or pushed the cat around in them! She very much likes figurines and now Barbies but has never been a baby doll kind of girl. So when we were asked to try out the new Bellies Babies dolls, I was interested to see how she’d react to an interactive doll toy like this.

The Bellies are a series of interactive dolls from Flair. There are four different Bellies dolls, Pinky-Twink, Yumi-Yummy, Bobby-Boo and Muak-Muak. The characters have their own popular YouTube channel in Spain which has recently been translated into English. We were sent ‘Muak-Muak’, who is the most loving Bellie.

Each Bellies doll has their own birthmark hidden on their body and have their own personalities. Bobby-Boo is the funniest one who loves scaring people and loves the colour blue, Muak-Muak is the most loving, Yumi-Yummy is the sweetest and Pinky-Twink is the naughtiest!

Inside your box, you’ll find each set comes with a Bellies doll (complete with hat and nappy), Dummy, Bottle, Blanket, Instruction guide, or “Bellypedia” and Stickers. Just under the nappy line of the Bellies doll is the belly button with an “umbilical cord” tab which when pulled activates the heartbeat noise and then they will also begin to babble.

They take 3AAA batteries, and these are included. To make The Bellies doll work, press in its belly button until it glow red and its heart starts beating. It will then say its name and start babbling and making different types of noises. To turn off, you press the belly button again or let it babble nonsense until it decides to stop which can take several minutes.

So what did we think? Alyssa thought it was fun for a while. She liked the fact it made noises and spoke but soon realised that was pretty much the extent. The stickers it comes with to pop in the nappies are non-reusable and being a lover of stickers means we are already out of those. It says for ages 4+ which I assume is due to small parts but Alyssa is just 4 and she was kind of done within an hour.

Not our favourite toy I have to admit and not entirely sure I’d be happy with the price either. However, there are 4 to collect, each says something different and if your child likes playing mummies and daddies and looking after babies then I am sure they will enjoy it!

The Bellies from Bellyville dolls have an RRP of £29.99 each and can be purchased from nationwide retailers including Smyths

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