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5th November 2020
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6th November 2020

Tapestries Around the Home

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As a child I have very fond memories of a beautiful wall hung tapestry we had hanging in our home. I remember getting lost in the picture which was of a stunning lavender field disappearing into the distance and I can still see the picture as clear now as back then in my mind’s eye. I have often wondered why I remember it so well. I don’t really have any recollection of other pictures or tapestries that were hung around the house. Isn’t it funny how some things stay so clear in your childhood memories especially when it was so long ago.


I have come to the conclusion that it’s because I associate it with thoughts of happiness, home and comfort. A cosy sort of feeling that makes you feel safe, a beautiful bright wall hanging that just made our house a home. Now of course I am older, and I have a home of my own and I have Alyssa. I often find myself immersed in home making. I really enjoy planning, choosing paints and textiles and coordinating colour schemes. And that is something I never thought I would say! But I take pride in my home and I love some of the very modern things and some of the more traditional styles.tapestries

I like to mix and match to create my own unique style of comfort and home living. I have to say I was so pleased and excited to discover that wall hangings and tapestries are coming back into fashion. I have always enjoyed art and I think it a very personal and important part of how you decorate or dress a room. One very special thing about wall hangings and hanging tapestries is the fact it is not just the scene it sets or design that catches your eye, but also of course that it has texture.tapestries

So often we hang prints and they can be just so flat. I’m excited to be able now to source and buy a wall hanging, just as my mum did all those years ago. And although I loved the lavender field, I am looking forward to choosing something that says something about me. Wall art after all is a statement and reflects your personality. It turns a house into a home and gives a feeling of warmth to the room.

I didn’t realise that custom wall hangings and tapestries were available until recently and this is just fabulous and with Christmas looming this has given me the opportunity to treat someone very special to a wall hanging and I know they are just going to love it. I, of course, will also be treating myself too. I just need to decide where to put it.

Tapestries or wall hangings can really brighten up a hall or stairway. But also can command pride of place on a feature wall in a living room or bedroom and can just suddenly bring a whole room design together. I wonder to myself whether Alyssa will have my wall hanging tapestry as a strong memory that she will take into her adulthood with the same fondness as me.

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