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Taking A More Rational Approach to Weight Loss

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Weight loss is not just a simple scientific application, although of course, defined in certain terms it absolutely is. We all know how to lose weight. We take in less calories than we use, and get good exercise. It’s very simple. However, none of us are simple beakers in a science lab, or a machine that needs fixing in a certain way.

a woman measuring her stomach in front of a bowl of salad

There are many attitudes, emotions, and beliefs that come into play when hoping to lose weight. Of course, some beliefs are rather silly. Most of us know that ‘healthy at any size’ is simply not a correct manner of viewing this process, and can lead us to some dark places. But to completely discount our needs, our familiarities, and perhaps the reasons why we have become overweight can help us take a more rational approach to weight loss, and through that find ourselves in the most honest manner possible.

Let us consider how that might be achieved. We hope the advice truly helps you should you choose to apply it:

Take Small Steps

a set of scales with a tape measureThe reason that many people fail in their diets is that they do everything at once. They might join a gym, exercise outside for free, start a brand new diet, try and meditate an hour each day, keep an eye on their posture, try and hit a perfect bedtime, try to be more patient at work, all of this at the same time. But it can be hard to just force yourself into behaviours like this. No, you need to build them over time. This is where taking small steps can often be the most worthwhile route, and can slowly start to ingrain you into that new way of life.

For example, just try to go to the gym once or twice this week. No more. Perhaps next week, after you’ve considered the layout of the place and feel familiar with it, you can try going three times. Perhaps you might simply spend twenty minutes at a low-intensity on one machine for now. But next time, you can do it a little further or a little harder. This way you slowly build and start to adapt to the new normal. This is a much better and healthier means of finding your own health, and your own ownership of your health in a sustainable manner.

Try New Things

It can often be that trying new things is essential if you hope to come across something that works for you. It might be that you keep repeating the same behaviours over and over again expecting a different result. Often, that’s no good for anyone. Trying new things can sometimes mean finding a new normal outside of the regular expectations you have. For example, trying the keto diet could be part of that. Of course, it might seem that trying a new diet immediately can seem like a shock to the system – and in some ways, it is. However, we would recommend researching much about something like this ahead of time, so it doesn’t feel so much of a shock to the system.

a hand holding a tape measure With something like the keto diet, you can approach your eating schedule in a completely new way. On top of that, what you cook, how you cook it, how you prepare certain foods, what you purchase at the supermarket, all of this can contribute to your new lifestyle, and that can give you excitement you might not have felt for some time. We would heavily recommend doing something similar to this, as it can truly make all the difference long term.

Try Again

You might have failed a few times and have fallen back into your own habits, but there’s only one way out of this. Don’t give up. Keep trying. And be a little kinder to yourself. It can be so easy to see the scale reporting a certain number back at us, making us feel like all that effort and hard work wasn’t worth it.

But it was. The more times you try each day, the more your mind becomes used to this. Then, the benefits come, and the snowball of momentum becomes even more important to you. If you can try again and make the most of your current needs, then you’ll be surprised as to just how much you can achieve. And remember, just because something might not be that impressive to someone else, it doesn’t mean you can’t take pleasure and joy in the small achievements you make. Because without small achievements, you wouldn’t get anywhere.

a set of dumbells and some bananas and apples

With these tips, we hope you can take a much-improved and much more rational approach to weight loss.


  1. I loved doing keto – I had a ton of energy and felt great. I really need to get back into it
    P.S Thanks for hosting #ablogginggoodtime

  2. I love your approach here. Visting you from the blogging good time link up. laurensparks.net

  3. I think you are so right to point out the importance of small steps … too much change, too quickly is impossible to maintain #ABloggingGoodTime

  4. It is important to take baby steps your right, we all want a fast solution and that isn’t always the best way as slow and steady wins the race. #ablogginggoodtime

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