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4th June 2016
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5th June 2016

Surprise Box Club: Crafty Fun Grown Ups!

So, I can’t remember if I have told you or not but there are a couple of things that you should know about me. 1) I love subscription boxes as I think they are so much fun and something exciting that happens each and every month (even Alyssa has one!!) and 2) I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE stationary and crafty bits and bobs! So you can imagine my ecstatic delight when the lovely Triinu over @SurpriseBoxClub offered to let me try one of her Craft subscription boxes for grown ups – there was a mini wave and a woohoo involved in my delight!

Triinu is amaazing I have to say. She has been running her own jewellery business for twelve years and part of this involved teaching. However, she wanted to be able to teach a much wider audience and this was the inspiration to create The Surprise Box Club!

There are 2 kits in the box – a jewellery kit and a craft kit specially designed by her. She even includes Jewellers pliers that are required to make the pieces at no extra cost which is quite something considering the cost for tools when crafting. In month 3, subscribers also receive an extra charm kit project, plus 1 charm with more charms to add monthly.

I have to say I could not control my excitement when I received my box, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and spotty bags… but I thought how on earth am I going to do these kits justice with photos – I would have to have about 150 photos for each project to even try and capture the steps and techniques to make each item… so what was the solution??? Yup you guessed it… Mummy in a Tutu is heading into the realms of video…I can’t believe it myself but here we go! I have made my first ever V-Logs about “How to: Get Crafty with The Surprise Box Club!”

So first of all, I was given the craft kit for Tissue Paper Pom Poms…

 They looked amazing at the end and are now hanging (safely) above the end of Alyssa’s cot! My next and slightly more difficult task, was to create The Tassle Necklace…

 Didn’t it look great at the end? I love long necklaces hence the reason I didn’t cut my chain down and I also loooovvveee pink in case you hadn’t already guessed and so it was great to have two colours to choose from!

 Each craft kit comes with a set of really easy to follow instructions and just in case you can’t understand it, Triinu also provides video clips on her website for each craft kit to really help you out!

I have to say I had so much fun with this box. Not only did I break my way into the world of V-Logging, but I had an awesome time getting crafty and making things I had never tried before. I think the Surprise Box Club is an amazing idea and at only £18 for a monthly subscription is an absolute steal! I recommend you get your butts over to their website right now and sign up! Hey, if you do, be sure to share your creations and, if you’re brave enough, videos with us and let me know how you get on!

Visit the Surprise Box Club Website here.




Don’t forget to share your creations using: #surpriseboxclub … I know I will!


 Competition will run from 18/4 –  25/4 and a winner drawn at 9pm!

Here’s your chance to win…

Competition hosts decision is final and the winner will have 24 hours to claim

There is no monetary exchange available in place of the prize.

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