#ABloggingGoodTime Week 97
28th June 2018
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1st July 2018
Summer is well and truly here now and with us smack bang in the middle of a full on heat wave there is a lot of fun to be had. I have also realised that Alyssa and I only have this summer and next before she starts school meaning that we have to make each moment count. There are so many things we like to do and want to do that it’s almost like there aren’t quite enough days. So, we’re starting early and doing a few of the more popular things before schools let out and everywhere becomes clogged down with lots of people swarming all over them. The lovely people over at The Disney Store asked us if we’d like some gorgeous bits from their Summer of Adventure shop to help make sure our very own summer is full of adventures…

Of course top of our list for a visit be it winter or summer is The Beach. We’re fortunate that we live a 5 minute walk from the train station making it easy to hop a train straight down to Weymouth where it is a two minute walk to the seafront and golden sand for miles. Alyssa is a big water baby and her feet have barely touched the sand before she is legging it to the sea and I just have to drop and run to keep up with her.

Obviously our beloved Mimmie (She Did What I Couldn’t) comes with us everywhere, including to the beach and Alyssa was super excited when we received the gorgeous monochrome Minnie Mouse towel with the pop of red. It is absolutely huge making for a brilliant, engulfing towel to warm up after the chilly water.

We also took our brilliant, matching drinks cup with us – it’s perfect for the beach as it has a lid meaning not a lot of sand if any can get in, it holds a large drink which is so important for a hot day AND it’s insulated, meaning I popped some ice in it to keep the drink cool and it lasted for ages!

Another happy time for us, is days out with friends which involve picnics in the park or at a country house in the beautiful gardens, or finding a river in the middle of the woods to spend the day paddling and exploring. Obviously for a picnic we need a cool bag to keep the food and drinks cool and fresh and what could be better than this fruit number that The Disney Store sent us! I absolutely love it – it’s your standard cool bag with how it works but it just looks so much better!

Being huge Minnie Mouse fans Alyssa was also really delighted to receive a new Minnie Mouse plushie and matching t-shirt to rock whilst out and about. Wherever we go now, be it the woods for a walk, the river, gardens to sniff flowers or one of our amazing days out across the UK you can easily spot her as she is also sporting her uber cool sunnies which lets face it look awesome and her new multi-coloured Minnie Mouse backpack which of course she puts her colouring pack in for when it’s time to stop and have a drawing session as well as Mimmie for when it’s time for a snuggle!

The summer has barely begun and we’re already having such a ball. We’ve got all the accessories we need to make the perfect day out wherever we go. As we run out the door we’ll check we’ve got our backpacks and mama here has her camera and that we’re ready to go and find another adventure that’s waiting for us out there!

What have you got planned this summer?

You can shop the Disney Store Summer Adventure Shop here

*We were sent items for review – all opinions are our own

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  1. Oh, you two are lucky indeed! Disney is chock full of fun! Great pics too! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo