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21st August 2017
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23rd August 2017

Summer Fashion for The Curvy Woman

Okay, let’s face it. Being bigger/curvier/larger/fatter (choose your favourite and delete the rest) gets ten times more difficult in the summer. Any smaller/thinner/flatter (choose your favourite and delete the rest) reading this saying “Well if you’re not happy then go on a diet…!” Love, I’ve been on a diet since I was sixteen, so if it were that easy I’d be looking better than you. Getting back to it, being big in summer is a nightmare because just like everyone else, we want to rock some shorts, a strap top, that cute summer dress, that swimsuit. However, we also have to figure out how to wear these without sharing our bat-wing arms with the world, that third roll around the middle that just won’t quit, the bulges of flesh hanging out of the fashionably torn holes and all this whilst trying to stop our thighs from rubbing together and creating a burn rash like you wouldn’t believe. So, I thought I would do a little post and tell you about what kind of thing I am wearing this Summer in order to beat the bulge into submission…

a woman in a pink dress wearing dark circle sunglasses leaning her head back and looking up at the sky

Okay so first things first, in summer floaty and thin is your friend. What you want is something that is lightweight, isn’t going to stick to your body (let’s face it because we spend the majority of the summer sweating profusely) and a woman wearing a white and floal maxi dress standing in the middle of a deserted mountain road pushing her brown hair out of her facethat strategically drapes and falls in order to hide bits you don’t want seen and show off the few bits you may possibly be proud of. I have about 8 different maxi dresses in my wardrobe and I love them. We can go wild with patterns, they elongate us especially when they drop straight to the floor and they are one of the prettiest things we can wear in my opinion. There are so many stylish summer dresses to choose from and there are some for us too – may I suggest if you’re heavier up top like me, that you go for a v-neck as this looks much better and also try and look out for  ones that synch in under the bust line and then drop as this creates a nice shape on the body.

Another tip is that designers are not your friends and as much as I’d love to be shopping in Gap, FCUK or hell even some regular stores like Top Shop it’s not going to happen if you’re anything over a size 16 which is pathetic (especially considering the average size of women in the UK is 14-16) but true. Anyway, someone who is your friend is the supermarkets. Did you know that both Tesco and Sainsburys go up to a size 24 and usually have those sizes in stock and won’t break your bank like most plus-size clothing. I am actually loving Sainsburys fashion this summer and have bought quite a few pieces from them. Palazzo pants are a good way to go as they sit on your hips and drop straight down, hiding that tummy and lengthening the body. Do try and avoid anything with horizontal stripes if you’re bigger as they will only make you look rounder.a blond woman wearing a grey jumper with cut out shoulders, jeans with ripped knees, lying in a corn field with blonde hair

Finally, for a touch of sexy and actually to generally make yourself feel good, I have found peek-a-boo tops to be my friend this summer. This is what I call tops that are partly cut-out in some way. I got a gorgeous cream open weave jumper from M&S that had thick straps and then part way down the arm a sleeve began – with a little strap top underneath this was gorgeous. I also managed to grab a gorgeous off the shoulder top with some beautiful flower details and short sleeves that literally only covered the bat-wing part and left my shoulders bare. I wore it for Alyssa’s birthday lunch and even managed to grab a compliment off the ex – bonus!

a pair of sunglasses on a wooden table with a blurred sea in the background

So there you have it – these are just a few tips on how to dress and survive summer as a bigger, curvier woman. Yes, at some point in the not so distant future I would love not to have to worry or think about what I am wearing that will not leave me ashamed and offend the public but until then I have to dress smart and hopefully I don’t look too bad!
This is a collaborative post – all thoughts are my own.


  1. Jane says:

    So true it is harder in the summer but this year I’ve gone the whole natural fabric route I.e cotton and linen with some fab finds from M and S and Tu at Sainsbury like you say. I may have splashed out ob Lagenlook too ?

  2. oh I do love a maxi dress too, great tips!

  3. Sarah Elsley says:

    I think I take it for granted that I can just shop anywhere! Though I do avoid TopShop because their stuff is made for 6ft, size 6 aliens. I adore a floaty maxi dress too. #ABloggingGoodTime

  4. I got some lovely dresses from Asda this year, supermarkets have definitely upped their game in recent years x

  5. I would love to have some curves 🙁 I am short and scrawny… #ablogginggoodtime

  6. I have the opposite problem – from behind, I look like a 12 year old boy… 😀 #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  7. Lucy At Home says:

    I think Sainsburys have some really lovely clothes. I always go there for kids clothes too. Plus the price is brilliant #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Crummy Mummy says:

    Some great tips which I can also apply to my three times mum tum! #ablogginggoodtime

  9. I have had some lovely stuff from Sainsbury’s! I also go for floaty, or things that come in at the waist (I have a good waist but bigger pear like bum/hips) and V necks too. xx #ablogginggoodtime (sorry to comment late!)

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