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Staycation Ideas for 2021

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2020 has been a really tough year for everyone, I think you will all agree, with the lockdowns and tiering. One thing that I know for sure is that I definitely need is a holiday. And in 2021 it’s definitely going to be a staycation for myself and my family.

staycation in yorkshire

I’m quite excited because we live in a beautiful country and there are so many wonderful places I have yet to go and visit, and the top of my list is York. I have always dreamed of visiting the Yorkshire dales and the city of York. It’s steeped in history and North Yorkshire not only has the beautiful dales, but some pretty incredible beaches as well.

When I was younger I just thought of Yorkshire as a mining country, but now as I’m older I realise it is one of the most beautiful places to visit. And there is something for everyone.

So like many in 2021 I am swapping out a plane ride and the sun and aiming for beauty, history and heritage, and with a five year old of course some sea, sand and fun! So, as I consider our stay I want to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for. Mr Tutu likes history, Alyssa of course loves the sea and I occasionally ( I will let you into a little secret) I enjoy a bit of shopping. I know, but it has to be done. So Yorkshire holds the key to being a fabulous destination.

staycation in devon - the coastline

My other great love is the Devon and Cornwall coast line. And this also boasts some spectacular beaches, and wonderful history. I adore Dartmoor and the freedom for Alyssa to just run. And for her to see the ponies, sheep and cows just wandering freely. I particularly would like to take to the tors and go letter box hunting. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about then I should explain. On many tors in Dartmoor people hide letterboxes. This is normally a water tight container, inside there is normally a pen and pad. So you can write the date, who you are and where you are from. And you can read who else has found that particular letter box. Sometimes there are little gifts inside and you can take one and add one. Then re-hide it for someone else to find. Again something for everyone.

I’m really looking forward to our staycation, and can’t wait to get it booked. Where is your ideal staycation?

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