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Let’s face it, most of us long for the day when the British weather truly comes to life and the sun shines down upon us and we enjoy days of adventures at the park or the beach or off exploring somewhere knew or simply sitting in the back garden, watching the kids jump in and out of the paddling pool. Something I have always worried about thought is keeping Alyssa and her friends hydrated. I have always been really bad about making sure I have enough fluids during hot weather and with little ones I do not want to be relying upon sugary, additive filled ice lollies to keep them hyper and hydrated. Rocks Drinks got in touch and asked me to try out their 100% squished, #asitshouldbemade drinks which are free from nasties like additives, artificial sweeteners and colours. Here is our review…

bottle of rocks blackcurrant drink next to a paper cup and straw

We want our kids to drink water and ironically enough at pre-school, she will drink nothing but water. However, the second she comes home, water goes out the window and she wants something with a bit of flavour.  We are always being told what our children should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking.  So much so that it is quite frankly hard to keep track. a white cool bag with rocks drinks written on it say on the grass in sunlight

Longer days and hotter temperatures make it more important than ever for us to make sure that not only the children but us parents too feel refreshed and stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Rocks Organic Drinks have made it their mission this summer to ensure that everyone is drinking as much as they should do using their drinks #asitshouldbemade. orange rocks drinks next to a cup and straw on marble floor

Research by Rocks Drinks shows that 64% of parents currently buy squash for their children in the hope that it will encourage them to drink more and achieve the recommended hydration guidelines. However, whilst this is good it does mean that often our ideas for nutrition go out of the window. However, around 49% of parents now actively and consciously look for squashes that contain no artificial sweeteners based off the controversial health claims.

Well, thanks to Rock Drinks you need not spend hours and hours reading labels in the supermarkets to find what you’re looking for. Made using a simple recipe of fruit, sugar and fresh spring water, Rocks Drinks and created a premium squash for families that contains no nasties, is full of naturally sourced ingredients and will quench your families thirsts all summer long.

We got to try out both the blackcurrant and orange and I was really surprised. I don’t like drinks that are too sweet or feel sugary but these really didn’t. I enjoyed the Blackcurrant which tasted similar to a well known blackcurrant brand/drink without the synthetic flavour. If you like a strong flavour to your drink, you will need a fair amount in your glass, but these are perfect for adding a little dash to some water to give Alyssa’s drink some flavour… and the grown-ups quite like it too!

a white rocks drinks cool bag with a bottle of orange and bottle of blackcurrant drink either side

If you’re looking for a delicious squash that is free from worry and nasties this summer,  I’d definitely recommend trying Rocks Blackcurrant and Orange Squash. You can grab a bottle from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. If you’re partial to Lemon Squash this is also available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. If you do grab a bottle don’t forget to share it with me over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, adding the tag #asitshouldbemade.

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