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Spontaneity: The Critical Ingredient You Need In Your Relationships

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Some relationships thrive on routine, but many don’t. You often get into a situation where one person wonders to themselves, “Is there more out there?” “Could my life be better in a different situation?”

These questions aren’t nice to hear if you’re on the receiving end. But it’s crucial to understand where they are coming from. It’s not the other person being bad. It’s more about exploring the world of opportunities out there and living a full life. 

For people who like the idea of long-term relationships, this sounds like a dreadful thing. People should stick with us through thick and thin, no matter how bad their FOMO gets. 

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But when you think about it, that sort of attitude hurts the other person. So what are you to do? 

The trick here is being more spontaneous. When you do things for the sheer sake of doing something new, you deny the other person the opportunity to think about how much more interesting their life would be without you. It’s evidently more interesting with you. 

Injecting spontaneity into your life, however, doesn’t always come easily, especially if you’re caught up in a full-time job or have kids.

So what can you do to achieve that all-important spontaneity without behaving recklessly? Take a look at these ideas. 

Continuously Plot How To Surprise Them

A lot of people go into relationships with a view to getting something out of them. But the best kind of relationships are those where you’re continually plotting how to surprise them in a positive way. When you create surprise, it not only jolts them out of the monotony of the relationship, but it also teaches them that you’re able to move in mysterious ways. You’re not abiding by a template. And you have them in your thoughts continually

Deck Out The House With Flowers

You’ve seen it in the movies, but decking your home with vases upon vases full of flowers is easier than ever. You just order what you want from a flower delivery company, and all your beautiful roses and lilacs will arrive at your front door. Then it’s just a matter of setting them up for your partner’s return. 

Take A Road Trip Together

Taking a road trip can be high-risk if you and your partner have a habit of arguing with each other on long journeys. But they can also be just the thing you need to jolt you out of your routine and do something radically new. 

Remember, a road trip is an adventure. It’s the perfect antidote to FOMO. It’s a way of exploring the world at large and extracting the most value possible from it. 

Try A New Hobby Together

You often see people running together in the park or going to art galleries together. But there are so many fun activities to enjoy out there, it seems a shame to stick with just a handful all the time. 

Ideas include going for a pub crawl, hiking through a forest, going to watch the football, or trying a totally new type of cuisine.

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