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Solutions To Help Your Dog If They Have Trouble Sleeping

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It’s hard to be at your best when you get a terrible night’s sleep, and it’s even worse when your night-time troubles are a recurring problem. Of course, it’s not just humans who struggle with this.

Dogs can be affected just as badly if they don’t get enough rest, except they can’t tell us if they’re having issues.

If you have a dog and are worried that they might be struggling with their sleep, here are a few solutions that could help them out.

Exercise More

One of the things you should know before buying a dog is that they require regular exercise. How often they need to go out generally depends on their age and breed. However, every dog needs to go for a walk at least once a day.

If you’re failing to do that, you may have your answer as to why your pet isn’t sleeping properly. Try to get them out of the house daily, and, if possible, let them run around a lot too. Just like humans, dogs are filled with energy that makes them restless when it’s not used up. So, if they’re not getting enough exercise, they’re bound to be too pumped up to sleep.

Try A New Bed

What do you do if you find your mattress uncomfortable? More often than not, you buy a new one. That’s exactly what you should do with your dog’s bed if you fear it might be doing your pet more harm than good. 

Maybe it’s been worn down after years of use, or it’s just not particularly padded. Whatever the reason, your dog may find it easier to sleep if you buy them a new one.

There are plenty of calming dog beds that should do the trick at Best Friends by Sheri. Comfort is an essential element in all the products here, with the added benefit that they provide support for your dog’s head and aching muscles too. One of these beds is bound to be an improvement on what your pet already uses, and it could be the perfect cure for their sleep struggles.

Follow A Routine

You may not realize it, but dogs love routine. It makes their lives a lot easier when they know what to expect and when to expect it. It can also help them to sleep easier because they understand when they’re done for the day and so are better able to relax.

Although it can take time to establish a routine, it should pay off for your dog in the long run. It might sometimes be a struggle to walk, feed, and play with your pet at the same time every day, but it’s worth establishing a routine for these reasons. Plus, as long as you keep the timings relatively similar, your dog won’t know if you do something at 8 am one day, and 8:30 am the next. 

It’s never fun when you struggle to get to sleep, so you can imagine it’s probably just as bad for your dog. Hopefully, these suggestions will help your pet to get a better night’s sleep. However, if they’re still struggling, it’s best to take them to the vets. That way, a professional can examine them and see if there’s an underlying medical condition that’s causing the problem.

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