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9th November 2016
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10th November 2016

Sleep: What is That Anyway?

I can remember, pre-baby, how I used to be an early riser… I’d wake up, jump out of bed, get dressed and be off for the day whether is was 6am or a lie in until 8am though this happened rarely as I would just naturally be awake. However, I now feel lucky if I get five hours sleep and getting up in the morning when my little darling calls is becoming more and more difficult the longer I go without a decent nights sleep. I never imagined I’d have a baby that at 15 months still didn’t sleep through and on occasion doesn’t want to sleep at all. I really took for granted how important it was to get a good night’s sleep and feel I should have perhaps spent the 3 years before having a baby permanently sleeping in order to get me through this….


new mattress rolled up next to a box

I never thought I’d be a bad tired person but if I’m honest I’m not great. It is so important to get a good night’s sleep in order to set you up for the day. For a while I don’t even think I was sleeping that well even when I was able to sleep – I suddenly found that I was horrendously uncomfortable and wasn’t sleeping deeply because of that.
So, when the lovely people over at Leesa Mattress offered to let me try out one of their new style mattresses I jumped at the chance because I suddenly thought that this might actually be the problem and maybe, when my daughter allows I’d finally be able to get some decent sleep .
The Leesa Mattress has 3 layers of foam that adjust to your body to provide optimum support and comfort – they provide support and pressure relief to help your body rest and recover.
When ime tipping a mattress out of a boxt arrived, i was amazed that a mattress could be inside the box because despite the weight of the box I as amazed even a vacuum packed one could fit in the box!
Alyssa sitting on the rolled mattress with me behind
However, sure enough I opened the box and slid out a very tightly packed sausage. I pulled the wrapping and it began to unravel and as I did I could hear what sounded like a pool toy inflating… it was in fact the mattress filling with air as it was becoming freer from its binding. Once unwrapped I was able to open it up and lay it out on the bed frame for 2-3 to make sure if fully inflated and then of course Alyssa and I had to climb on and test it out…. oh so soft! Needless to say I couldn’t wait to go to bed…
So now a few weeks on, I am here to tell you what I think. Firstly, a big difference I noticed was that I wasn’t nearly so hot at night – apparently this is a design feature of the mattress which is different from most other memory foam mattresses . I also noticed that I was hurting less – i have back problems from an accident when I was younger and I can say it has definitely felt much better and despite being a new mattress it doesn’t feel overly firm but is firm enough to provide support .
me starfished on the mattress
If you’re having trouble sleeping or find that you’re uncomfortable, have a think about whether it could be your mattress. If it is then I’d definitely recommend getting yourself  Leesa mattress wwhich are worth every penny . So, when Alyssa does allow me to sleep you can be sure that it will be a damn good sleep that’s for sure


This was a collaborative post but all views are my own

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