Singin My Heart Out: Week 1
4th June 2016
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4th June 2016

Singin My Heart Out: Week 2


I was overwhelmed by the response to last weeks first Singing Video Log and firstly need to say thanks so much to everyone for all the lovely comments… on to this week!

One of the biggest influences in every aspect of my life is my mum. She has been there through everything and her support has never wavered.

Right from a young age I can remember putting on Barry Manilow, Kylie Minogue or Whitney Houston records with my mum and dancing round the living room. Somewhere is the most gorgeous picture of my mum sister and I in white dresses in the back garden midway through singing “I’m a little tea -pot!” It was my mum who always encouraged me to sing and despite being a single parent to three of us, found time to nurture that desire inside me to sing and made sure I had every opportunity I could.

Not only did she find groups for me to sing in but she also joined them herself and was in the adults chorus when together with the children’s section that my sister and I were in, when we performed at Last Night of the Proms on Brownsea Island – an amazing experience. Years later, I opened my own children’s theatre company and she became mum to everyone as well as the amazing wardrobe mistress and then  opened an Adult’s section

too. She is truly amazing and still belts out a tune with me now!

This week, I chose to sing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” because when it first came out I sang it ALLLLL the time and then moved to Italy. My mum used to message me everytime it came on the radio telling me it had made her well-up because it reminded her of me and that I better hurry up and come home for a visit soon. Well, I may be at home permanently now (sorry mum) but it seemed very appropriate that this week, as a thank you and dedication to my mum, I choose to sing that Adele song again. Mum, I love you lots and this one is to you from me.

Thanks so much for stopping by for week 2 everyone! If you have any requests, please feel free to pop them below as I will be doing a few request weeks coming soon!

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