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4th June 2016
Singin My Heart Out: Week 2
4th June 2016

Singin My Heart Out: Week 1


Not many people know, it’s not something I talk about much any more, but I used to be a singer. I mean an actual singer. I sang from the age of about 3 and at the age of 21 managed to make a dream come true by appearing as a principal cast member in the West End – amazing! Then I chose to leave and take a different path and my head kind of fell out of the clouds and I became way too sensible for my own good!

I know what you are thinking… hang on, her sensible…. yeah right?! Okay, I may be a total ditz and a little crazy but generally I have a ridiculously sensible nature and try to do what I should and not necessarily what I want.

When Alyssa was born, I started singing more and more again as I sing everything to her – she’s going to wonder why no one outside the house does this when she is older. However, I thought… well I have a blog and it’s my creative outlet so why not allow my singing to come out too.

It’s been a long old thought process on this and after discussing it with some friends I decided to take the plunge. I kept thinking “God what if people think I’m crap… or the series is just a flop!” Well, like everything else, essentially this blog is for me and singing is something that I really and truly enjoy, so at the end of the day as long as I am happy what’s the harm… apart from the odd burst ear drum and for this I apologise!

So as you can see, or maybe hear above if you have been brave enough to click play, there is my first V-LOG actually featuring me. I have chosen to sing one of my all-time favourite songs,

‘For Good’ from the musical (had to be a musical but I promise something poppy next week) Wicked! I absolutely adore Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoworth, the original singers and this would have been my dream role had I still been performing. I also thought about the fact I was really nervous doing this and so wanted to sing a song I knew and loved my first time out… It won’t always be a musical that I sing from – I can do contemporary too so don’t panic about that.

I also thought it would be a great idea each week to look at something or someone that has influenced me at some point during my “singing career” and who still have a place in my singing heart.

I hope you enjoy and if you do, come back next week for more and even better… SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL **hint**hint**! Of course, if I have crashed and burned with this then there will NOT be a next week so be kind please. Thanks to the encouragement of the wonderful ladies in my tribe, this first song is for them… particularly Catie and El for the amazing advice on this series…love you guys!

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