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21st October 2019
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Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Mattress Topper

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are my own.
I have never hidden the fact that I haven’t gotten much sleep since the arrival of my little bundle of joy. Combine the fact she was a preemie with the fact I was a single parent and that she suffered badly thanks to over-sized tonsils and adenoids which she didn’t have removed until May of this year and it gives a pretty reasonable explanation… that and that our children were sent to test us! People always used to say to me you should be resting when the baby is asleep but if I had done that then I’d never have gotten anything done, including starting my own business. I have never been good at sitting still, so now I tend to be in bed by about 8.30pm at the latest, otherwise I just wouldn’t survive. Of course things are made a lot easier when I have a comfortable bed. I was offered the chance to review a Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Mattress Topper which  I was hoping would make my bed a lot comfier than it has been.

I have a super cheap mattress and I am not going to lie… it has been really bad on my back. However, it is one of those things we are saving for and thought we would just put up. However, I was waking with sore ribs and starting to ache a lot and really not getting a good night’s sleep at all.

Being offered the chance to try the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper I swear I heard a hallelujah chorus playing. It has really great reviews with many confirming it worth every penny, so it was sure not to disappoint.

it provides the comfort of memory foam, without the typical downfall of memory foam – that is gets pretty hot due to being dense and solid. The cooling properties are due to a mix of materials and the mesh walls in the topper’s cover. Elasticated corner straps help it to stay in place on your mattress and it has a machine washable cover meaning it can be kept clean and fresh.

I honestly cannot wait for many many nights ahead asleep on my amazing new memory foam topper from  SilentNight and now you can too. They’ve teamed up with shopping network QVC to bring you an amazing special offer for one day only. On Tuesday 22nd October 2019, QVC will be offering the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper for the amazing discounted prices of:

  • Single £56 down from £110
  • Double £76 down from £150
  • King £84 down from £170
  • Super King £96 down from £190

Once they are gone, they’re GONE! So, if you’d like to bag yourself a bargain GET A DISCOUNTED MATTRESS TOPPER HERE!




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