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21st May 2016
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22nd May 2016

Show me the CAKE!!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been dieting for just over a month now and it’s going well… however this week I had to save up my points so that I could indulge in some cake from the lovely people @BakerDays! When someone messages you and asks you if you’d like to try and review some cake… you say YES people!

I was asked to try the wonderful “letterbox” Mother’s Day range which come with many design options including some of which that allow you to personalise with pictures and words of your own! If I have you dying for cake already, you can check out all their baked goodies right here.

 I made my selection and was promised that my “letterbox” cake would arrive soon (so named because it is supposed to fit straight through your post box with no annoying knock on the door!) I have to admit, I was slightly alarmed when I saw my cake box upturned on the porch floor having heard the thump of it landing and thought “My poor cake!” I carefully picked it up and opened the box to find this gorgeous METAL tin inside (see the lovely view from inside my box above) and breathed a sigh of relief that my cake was safe. Also inside the box was a packet of love hearts, a personalised card and a leaflet giving more information on all the other products available. I have to say it looked amazing and I hadn’t even seen the cake!

 Upon opening the tin, I found the cake in an airtight plastic wrapping which I gently removed (following the instructions provided) and came face to face with the cake I had chosen. The printed decoration was beautiful. The icing covered every inch of the cardboard cake board and visually it looked amazing. However, the question remained what was this little cake going to taste like?!

 The description of the cake stated that it was a “Victoria Sponge with buttercream and apple & raspberry jam!” I would like to take this moment to say, that I did not eat the entire cake (even though I could have) but shared it with the entire house. Our general view…. BLOODY DELISH! It’s like a single layer sponge cake and rather than sandwiching the filling between two cake halves, it is between the sponge and the icing. The sponge was light and surprisingly moist, the icing was soft and easy to chew and the buttercream was rich and creamy. The only change I would perhaps make is to add a bit more of the jam, as it was hard to taste it due to the strong flavour of the buttercream, either that or to intensify the flavour of the jam used. This, however, is a personal preference of mine as I often prefer the fruity filling to the cream on cakes!

 Overall, I am completely impressed with the prompt service and the product that@Bakerdays produce. I think it is a lovely and somewhat “different from the norm” gift to give and would happily eat more cake ANYTIME they want to send me some more (hint hint wink wink!!)

However, YOU might be able to eat cake sooner than you think. Not only did they send me a lovely cake to try, but they are going to give one of my lovely readers the chance to WIN a FREE cake too. Simply like and share our post on Facebook or Twitter and comment  “SHOW ME THE CAKE!” and then Sunday Night (21st Feb) at 9pm, I will announce the winner (randomly selected!) The winner will receive a letterbox cake but in a design of their choosing from the many available on the website. So get retweeting, sharing and commenting and who knows, you could be shouting “SHOW ME THE CAKE!!” (Open to UK & Ireland Residents only!)


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