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22nd August 2018
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29th August 2018
As we step towards the front door, I glace across at the mirror. Looking back at me is a little girl with her ringlets bouncing round her shoulders, looking beautiful in whatever outfit I have dressed her in that day, with her hair clipped in place, a clean face and ready to face the world. Next to her, is a tired, getting more overweight by the minute mum who has scraped her hair into a mum-bun and whacked on comfy clothing that doesn’t embarrass her daughter or show the shameful state of her body underneath. Sometimes their may be a splash of eyeliner but most of the time the only thing she’s wearing on her face are the suitcases under her eyes. I am terrible at self-care. I am bottom of my own list. Alyssa never leaves the house looking anything other than gorgeous or cute but I get ready in 2 minutes flat and often barely look in the mirror to avoid the truth staring back. When Fenetic Wellbeing got in touch and asked if I’d like to take part in their #GlamMa campaign I may have shed a little tear…

Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who exist to provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs. They were looking for bloggers who would like to experience a glamour day out with their grandmother (or mother) to highlight the importance of supporting those who may have restricted mobility or easy access to get out and about.

My mum actually suffers from a Chronic Illness which is greatly effected by bad weather, food and a million other factors. Some days she can barely move from her bed and as previously said I am one of the worst people for self-care so when they offered to let us go and glam ourselves there were a few squeals of delight – a perfect treat for us both.

We decided that as we are escaping the UK for a holiday shortly, we’d get our nails done to go on holiday with. We both had the same treatments – a poly-gel manicure and a gel pedicure. We visited the amazing Serenity Nails and Beauty in Dorchester Dorset for our hand treatments. I had been here once before for acrylic nails but really wanted to try the new poly-nails.

I had the wonderful Rebecca who made my experience amazing. She let me talk but joined in too and made me feel relaxed and like I’d known her forever. It’s an open planned salon but you’re in your own little world and we chatted away for the whole appointment. I got to have a delicious, actually HOT, coffee and forget briefly that I was mummy. The choice of colours and finishes on the nails was endless but we decided to go for one that matched my inner personality.

I LOVE the poly nails – they feel so much nicer than acrylics ever did and I am really impressed with the technique. No strong smells of setting liquid anymore as this one smells of watermelon! I’d thoroughly recommend Rebecca and the Serenity Salon who informed me when leaving that they do also offer free repairs if something happens which I think is brilliant customer service. Some salons you go in and you feel instantly fat, frumpy, out of place or not in the club but not here. You feel welcomed and relaxed a total treat.

To try out everything available, I also returned to House of Health and Beauty in Dorchester to have my toes done where I have been previously and had a lovely Shellac pedicure. I did need to apologise to the lovely Claire as I walked in with feet I wouldn’t willingly inflict on anyone and she made them look and feel human again and gave them a much needed makeover. I’ll also be popping back there for an eyebrow threading just before my holiday.

My mum’s response to the whole experience was to thank me and of course Fenetic Wellbeing for making her feel a bit glam once again and just before her holiday. It will help us both all the more. When I got home and looked down at my fingers and toes, I did shed a tear again as it was so nice to look down and see something that I liked. Thank you for letting us be part for the #GlamMa campaign.

I was very fortunate that we were able to get out and about to treat my mum. A chronic illness shouldn’t stop you from self-care. Take a look at Folding Wheelchairs and Lightweight Wheelchairs  from Fenetic Wellbeing if you need help yourself.

*In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing


  1. Self care is so important and sadly something that we often overlook, this post has reminded me and others, I’m sure to take a little more time for ourselves #blogginggoodtime@_karendennis

  2. I have noticed mom’s are the last person in the house for self care. But we need it the most! #ablogginggoodtime

  3. What a terrific day out. It’s nice that this company is trying to cater to folks who have trouble getting around

  4. oh hun I know just what you mean, we make our girls look so pretty and ensure they are healthy and if we shop we spend the money on them rather than ourselves. With my anxiety lately it has been so hard to put on makeup or want to leave the house. I have been extremely withdrawn, but after 3 weeks in hospital for my anxiety I am trying to make a bit more of an effort, trying to at least put on a nice face cream, or even foot cream, and I even painted my own nails the other day, which I am not good at, but it was nice to make an effort. I am glad you got to feel special!

  5. Oh I can so very much sympathize with that feeling of lacking self-care… My hair is always a mess (disguised as a mum-bun) and like you I tend to put myself last. Glad to hear you and your mum had a lovely experience together with this special treat x #ablogginggoodtime