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12th April 2019
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15th April 2019

Schleich Horse Club Play Set Review

Ad – Gifted. All Opinions are our own.
Alyssa has always been into figurines and play sets but for a long while was very much stuck in her own little box of what she liked to play with and didn’t and it pretty much consisted of only characters she knew from popular TV Series. Recently she was ill and we wee finding something for her to watch that Ii couldn’t repeat word for work and we came across and animated horse series and she was hooked. Luckily she was ill and could get away with watching so much TV because she didn’t want it to end and watched I think every episode. So when Schleich asked use to review their Horse Club Play Set – Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog I knew she’d be pleased!

The set that we were kindly sent was Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog. The recommended for ages 5-12, the set doesn’t take long to put together and play can start immediately! The box was quite small so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount inside. Each part comes in separate little plastic bags and there is a set of clear instructions, though everything just simply clicks together and was ready in 5 or so minutes.

There are some very small parts, which is why the set is not suitable for children under the age of 3 but what I did once I had made certain parts is glue some into place e.g. the little bird on top of the horse gate.

Once all the parts are put together you have:

2 horses (a mother and foal)
Ruby the dog
A paddock
A kennel
Number of small accessories such as a dog bowl and bone.

Ruby the Dog comes with her own neck scarf, bowl and kennel as well as a bone and stick, both of which she can hold in her mouth. Her kennel also has a little hatch on the side where you can store all her accessories.

Obviously the main feature is the horses. They come with a hexagonal fenced paddock which has a working gate and lovely sign above it. There is even a little basket you hang on the fence and pop apples in. There is a larger mummy horse and a gorgeous small foal which also comes with a coat which simply velcros together.

Overall I was super impressed with the quality and overall finish of the whole play set. There is huge attention to detail which can be seen in the way each item is painted and it has survived hours of playing from Alyssa. I have taken a couple of the little accessories away as she is not even 4 until July BUT this is purely because I don’t want to lose them. These toys were made to last and look amazing too!

Hannah’s Guest Horses and Ruby the Dog retails at £29.99 and is available from Smyths Toys as well as other toys from the Schleich collection

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