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19th May 2017
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Say Hello to the Multi-Failer!

There’s that old joke isn’t there?! You know the one I mean… that women can multi-task and men can’t?! Actually to be fair, I have seen a number of men multi-task quite well, which I know was a shock horror moment for me too! I’m not sure if it’s that we as women expect it of ourselves, expect it of each other, that men expect us to be able to multi-task or what, but somehow us gals have earned the right to be know as multi-taskers. However, I have decided that I am now going to be dubbing myself as the multi-failer. Yes I can multi-task as much as the next person…woman…person but the number of times this goes disastrously wrong is rising, especially since having had a baby. I am not sure my brain has the capacity anymore to multi-task more than a few things before it gives up and is like NOPE NOPE I am going on strike. Don’t let me be the judge though, you decide, am I a multi-tasker or a multi-failer?

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As a parent, whether that be a single parent like me or otherwise, I think they put it in the parental job description that you must be able to multi-task. Especially as they get older as they become a lot more demanding and a lot less patient but I have found the art of distraction works really well to apack of crayons in the front a child colouring and blurred in the backid me in multi-tasking. For example, we are currently in the processes of moving house and so I need to spend my time packing because it is a HUGE house and we haven’t been given a lot of time to do it in. Now, Alyssa got bored with packing about two seconds after she realised that I wasn’t going to let her take out of the boxes what I had put in. So, I cleared a space in amongst the packing and set up a playdough/paint section which obviously she wanted me to do too. So I found myself moving around the table and talking to my little one, whilst packing as I go and stopping to make playdough animals and shapes or stamp sponges onto paper in an artistic way – wait until I unpack the other end and I sure we will find crockery with thumb prints in bright green paint.

Another time in my life when I need to be able to multi-task is when I am working – generally without any extras opewoman laptop work blog coffee computer phonen, I have 15-20 internet pages open at a time, not to mention emails, documents, photo editors, folders and sometimes music too. This is terrible for my OCD  as I like this organised but I do infact actually need all these tabs open because I will find myself doing a million things at once in order to get through it all – I will have draft posts open, social media pages, image sources, scheduling program, linky programs and anything else I might need. I will also have a notepad and pen so that I can make myself notes and keep track of where I am up to. This is particularly important when I am doing paid work and keeping track of which stage I am at. However, at some point during my working time I will just stop and be like arggghhhh – this will be because I am trying to do too much at once and I lose my place and I’ll end up writing an email that begins “Hello Laura, How are you lovely?!” whereas in fact I should of written “Dear Dave, please find attached…” Poor Dave!

Did you know that it’s actually National Multi-Tasking Day on 24th May?! I know, how on earth did they work out when to have such a day – apparently there was an equation developed by an expert to work out the busiest day of the year and they came out with May 24th…

Summer holidays to book, hay fever in full force and the looming anxiety of half term holidays are enough to make any parent feel panicked. And that’s not to mention the added work pressure which two bank holidays can bring. woman's shoulder with superwoman written on it

Now, as you may have gathered I am not the best multi-tasker…just ask my phone which took an unfortunate trip down a u-bend last month when I was trying woman sat at a computer writing with a cup of coffeeto multi-task and could not be saved, but nevertheless I am trying to get onboard with the day and be less of a multi-failer and much more of the stereotypical woman multi-tasker. To be fair to myself I’m not actually that bad and I do achieve a hell of a lot so I can’t be that bad but I would like to get better. So I’m going to be taking some advice from time-management expert, Mike Gardner.

“Plan ahead, and focus on managing difficult tasks at your most productive time of day, and tackle the easier ones when you feel less energetic. Use the day as a springboard to knock long-term tasks off your list and free up time for summer. Embrace the day whilst you’re at your most productive, make the most of it and live life to the full.”

Nature’s Finest, will also be supporting National Multi-Tasking Day and will be sharing tips over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day in order to help multi-failers like me (we’re not THAT bad really) make the most of the day so that we can get as much done as possible… and maybe take it a bit easier the rest of the week!

So what do you reckon, are you a tasker or a failer? Do you have any nifty trips for being able to multi-task?! Why not come share them with Nature’s Finest and I, over on social media now?!



  1. Tom Briggs says:

    I’m hopeless at multi-tasking – even when I’m working on the computer. I always have too many tabs open and end up achieving a lot less than intended.

  2. Sarah says:

    I try to multi task as much as possible thou I think I fail alot at it lol. I do the same as you have like 20 Internet windows open and ended up doing little bits here and there. Issue is things always end up being left half done lol. Xx

  3. I try to be a multi tasker and sometimes I do it very well other times I am rubbish I have found with 4 kids nd juggling home and work life its become harder I now just seem to zone out of what is happening around me usually the kids scrapping and wanting me to referee their arguments #ABlogginggoodtime

  4. Adam says:

    Scientists have done loads of studies on this, they ALL show that nobody can actually multitask so don’t feel bad. Everyone else is just BS’ing you 😁

  5. Wendy says:

    Oh my god I am the worst multi tasker ever! I just can’t do it. If I want to achieve something then I need to focus on one things at a yime otherwise it’s not happening xx #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Tubbs says:

    TBH, I find it easier to do one job at a time, finish it and move onto the next one. If I try and do too much, I just end up mucking it all up

  7. I can be a multi-failer too and so have returned to mono-tasking more and more which I do find helpful… #ablogginggoodtime

  8. I’m not much of a muti-tasker myself, I much prefer doing one thing at a time before moving on to the next one. That said, it’s not always possible, especially with four children. My ‘mental load’, as in that comic by Emma which went viral a couple of weeks ago, has hugely increased since I started blogging seriously, and I find it exhausting. Trying to prioritise and become unbusy instead…

  9. It comes naturally to me and not so much to my husband- and it is maddening to be so different in this respect while trying to manage this ship of ours.


  10. Nicola says:

    I used to be so organised and could multi-task with the best of them but now I find myself dropping the ball far more often than I would like. It doesn’t get better with age I’m afraid! #ablogginggoodtime

  11. I’m definitely in the fail category. I have so many things going at once I forget what I was meant to be doing in the first place 😂

  12. Lists! I swear by them. Day to day I get so caught up trying to do everything while Zach distracts me that I get lost and half the jobs aren’t done. Lists are the only way to keep track #ablogginggoodtime

  13. I am a self-proclaimed multi-tasker. Very good at it, always have been. Sometimes it works against me as I end up doing it all. There’s no win… with being good at it or not… Best thing is to stay present and in the moment. Make good lists, cross things off and feel accomplished, and celebrate success! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  14. I find I actually operate far more efficiently when I’m super stressed and multi-tasking on a whole ‘nother level. If I only have one or two things to do, I’m quite laid back. Okay, very laid back. I’m a ‘works well under pressure’ person, but I can only sustain this for a short time before I want to die … kinda like a cheetah! lol

  15. Helena says:

    I think it’s about knowing yourself and working out what way you work best to achieve the most. I don’t think I can multitask therefore I make myself clear on my intentions for the day and batch task things. #ablogginggoodtime

  16. I was a pro-multitasker until parenthood.. now babybrain has frazzled this ability!!! #ablogginggoodtime

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