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Posterlounge: Finishing Touches

finishing touches
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Isn’t it funny how you can be in a house you call your home for such a long time, but certain finishing touches just seem to get forgotten? Or perhaps you finish projects and then go back to the beginning as your tastes have changed over the time that you have been living there. Whatever the reason for change, decoration, or alteration, it is really important to find the right colours, fabrics, accessories for the finishing touches.

finishing touches

We had a large blank wall at the top of our staircase as well as a smaller spot in a bathroom. Previously I had popped a wooden heart on the wall to hang and stop it from seeming to blank but it definitely needed a little something else, bigger and with more presence.

We have a very neutral colour palette within the house but also like nature as an influence in nearly all the spaces in the house with wood and nature themes as well as fresh flowers dotted here there and everywhere.

We spent a long time looking through the amazing array of posters and prints on Posterlounge where there are lots of different options in different tones and themes to suit every home, taste, and colour palette.dandelion print on wall

As I said, we knew we wanted something with a nature theme and came across two different dandelion prints. They are both absolutely beautiful and took my breath away and knew they would be perfect in the places that we chose.

The good thing about Posterlounge is that they also have an array of frames to choose from as well and we decided to pick ones that aren’t very deep or cause the print to appear sunken in so that they would simply compliment and not detract from the beauty of the dandelion print.

Once ordered, our prints took between 2-3 weeks to arrive which is slightly longer than usual due to Covid-19 and came well packaged and in brilliant condition. All prints are created on demand so the delivery time depends upon the print, size and material chosen. The Posterlounge website is easy to use and navigate and should make finding those finishing touches for your home, a total breeze.

If you’re looking to change the look of your house and need some finishing touches for whatever the space, then definitely take a look at the range of prints and frames they have available.


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