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Plus Size Fashion This Winter

Let’s face it – it’s pretty damn hard to shop when you’re a plus size woman and these days you’re a plus size when you hit a size 16 so any of us fatties that are bigger than that have no hope. It’s rare we can buy on the high-street and of course more fabric means more cost. Just to clear it up for everyone out there, us bigger people aren’t happy being big but we’re our own worse enemies. We eat because we are unhappy and we are unhappy because we eat and like most addictions we have to find the right moment ourselves to stop – it won’t come from you fat shaming us! Anyway I digress, what I am really super duper excited about is that high street retailer River Island is now doing PLUS SIZE WEAR and apparently have been for a while – how did I not know this?! It’s one of those stores I wasn’t sure I could pull off even when I was 16 and slightly (not a lot) cooler than I am now!! However, they got in touch and asked if I’d like to review some of their gorgeous Winter range and as they carry my size I was happy to oblige…

So as I said River Island have a gorgeous plus size range all year round which I never knew even existed. To be honest the store was sort of an uber trendy place I dared not go for fear of being questioned as to why on earth I was in there?! However, browsing their online store I was pleasantly surprised to find some absolutely gorgeous clothes that I could not only look longingly at, but actually wear too!

Now as a bigger girl, Winter is definitely a good season for me for fashion because everything can be over-sized and drapy which makes it much easier to hide all the lumps and bumps I sure as hell want no one to see! I love doing that in big fluffy jumpers which they had loads of in their Knitwear department as well as coats and cardigans. I chose this gorgeous black and white knitted cardigan which actually I’d say is halfway between a cardigan and a coat it is so gorgeously thick. It had shorter sleeves and no fastenings but hangs beautifully down over my chest meaning that I give the illusion of having a much flatter stomach than I actually do.

Normally I avoid white at all costs as I don’t find it flattering but this slightly off white which is broken up with the gorgeous black flower design was a real surprised. I teamed it with a simple black long sleeved t-shirt underneath and it was perfect!

One of my other favourite things about it getting cold is the fact I get to wear, hide and bury myself in scarves once again. However, I am very picky about them because I like them to be quite long so that you can wrap them properly without them sticking out and looking stumpy. I also don’t like the thin, cotton ones which you might as well wear in summer for the amount of warmth they’re going to give you. However, River Island has officially provided me with my favourite scarf… ever! It’s cream and if placed just round my neck falls all the way to just above my knees, is soft and woolen and to finish it off has gorgeous pom poms dotted over it. It is literally divine!

Finally, I decided to grab myself some new shoes as I haven’t had any for ages and thought I could get some boots to see me through winter… you know sensible black ones that will go with everything. Well hell, that went out of the window when I saw these gorgeous ankle boots. In a floral style pattern, with laces that tie round the top and a trim of diamantes round the base how could I not have them! Tried them on and they fit like a glove and are some of the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I didn’t have to size up like I sometimes do and they are just so pretty that I never want to take them off!

I teamed the whole outfit with some thick black leggings and a fur headband plus a killer red lip and with this look I am ready for anything this winter! Why not head on over to River Island, whether you are plus size or not and check out what they have on offer! I promise you will NOT be disappointed – I wasn’t!
*I was sent the clothing items in return for a review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. You look gorgeous!! I’m in love with those boots!! Xx

  2. River Island is such a nice shop. I’m happy they’re finally stocking plus size clothing. I’m looking on their website now and it’s good to see they have clothes that don’t look like bedsheets with no fitting. I find that’s a major problem with plus size clothes.

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