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Play Fun with The Sticklebricks Fun Tub Farm Set & More Review

When I was a child, I can remember having Sticklebricks. They were a big thing and I can remember having a tub full of them and battling with my sister to get the bits we both wanted. We made all sorts from the tallest towers to houses to cars and I have a vague memory of trying to create a fairground too! In all honesty I haven’t seen them for years and thought they no longer existed… however they are back! Not only are they back, they are bigger than ever and ready for a new generation of players and learners to expand their imaginations. The arrival of the Sticklebricks in our house this week produced a mass of squeals – we got the Fun Tub, the Farm Set and The Little Builder Set and are here to pop on a review…

We have tried a couple of building style toys before and other than creating a tower and knocking it down, Alyssa has never been hugely fussed so I was quite surprised at her excitement and intrigue when they arrived.

For those of you not in the know, Sticklebricks are from Flair and first launched back in the late 1960s and have been decorating playroom floors ever since. It really is the most ingenious construction toys for young minds and little fingers. They can go together in any which way and don’t actually require much lining up like conventional bricks to be able to use them – you just push and they somehow always end up together.

It has to be said that the Farm Set was Alyssa’s favourite and I thought it was pretty good too. Obviously it came in a little storage box and what we realised once we opened it is that the lid is meant to be the grass of a field and used as part of the play and we actually used the box itself as the farm house.

Inside the box, we got all the parts to make a tractor, some fencing to create a pen for the animals, a farmer and several animals which could be used just like the bricks themselves. A set like this doesn’t need much building but it is great for those with imaginations.

The big fun tub is exactly that – a big tub full of fun! You get lots of parts, including a board to build off of, parts to make a car as well as two heads so you can create people too. The little builder set we got was like a mini version of this and as the Fun Tub had plenty of room we condensed down the boxes so we just had one big box of Sticklebricks to play and have fun with.

Overall Alyssa really loved them and I have to say I didn’t mind them too much either – oh and for those wondering, they are much less painful underfoot than a certain other building block brand we know! They are extremely durable. Built to last. In fact they first arrived back in 1969, and I know my mum remembers me playing with them and now I will remember my little one playing with the now famous Stickle Bricks.

The Stickle Bricks are available from Argos and Amazon. 

*This is a collaborative post.

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