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8th March 2016
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10th May 2016

Personal Ad: Blogger Seeks Tribe!


Now, since I first began blogging a few months ago, a term that I have heard used a lot is TRIBE. Sooooo many bloggers, on their lists of Top Blogging Tips, suggest putting yourself out there and finding a group of people that you click with, that support you and that you can share all your highs and lows with. A good way to do this is to be an avid social media user and to be a friendly blogger by reading and commenting on peoples posts, joining linkies and other blog chats to get yourself out there.

However, what if you are not an outgoing person? What if you are quite shy and find it hard to put yourself out there? I have met a lot of wonderful people in the past few months, who have almost nurtured me and my blog and given me a really huge kick start. But, I don’t feel like I am on the same level as them. They are old hands, pros, who are established and have broken through the barrier into career bloggers. I aspire to be them and love that they involve me and so appreciate the help! However, I sometimes feel like when you are at school and you are trying to play with the big girls… you don’t want to become a nuisance either I hide behind my blog, as it puts on a much braver face than I do but in truth I’d like someone to talk to (I know sounding slightly like the awkward girl at school again right now!)


So I sat down and had a thought…. how do we find what we are missing in real life? We use Dr.Google the fountain of all knowledge as we know it but I am not sure he really has the answer this time (blasphemous I know!!)


So what else can we do to find what we are missing? Of course, take out a personal ad! I have never done this before in my life, or in fact answered one, though I have been a part of online dating websites and that, needless, to say did not go well and was more like a cattle market! But would an ad, asking to find a tribe seem pretentious, mocking, distasteful, ridiculous? Who knows?! I do have quite a sad image of a mini-me in my head knocking on peoples doors, sounding like Oliver… “Please sir, can I have some more love/attention/affection/conversation /friendship?” There is of course the other matter, that surely friendship cannot be advertised for can it? It happens naturally, accidentally or coincidentally… but can you really advertise for a friend?


The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback


  1. I would love to join the Tribe. Can you let me know what i need to do ? Beg , plead ?? 🙂

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Hahaha of course. Come to live chat every Tuesday night on twitter 8pm follow #tribalchat. We have a Facebook group which has daily threads and a twitter account @tribalchattweet we’d love to have you x

  2. I’m a little late to the game as always but I’d love to join the tribe. Xxx

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Please do. We have a group on Facebook called tribal chat. We have a twitter @tribalchattweet and then we have a chat every Tuesday 8pm on twitter just follow #tribalchat xx

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