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19th February 2018
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21st February 2018
I always try and get my eyes checked on a yearly basis – spending so much time in front of screens for work, I think it’s important to maintain my eye care as I know that I have eyes that get tired easily (just like the rest of me!!) Whilst I love nice frames, particularly designer ones, I am also living on a tight budget and really can’t afford to spend too much money on frames. They also need to be pretty hard-wearing too with a toddler running round who is partial to trying them on at every minute. I popped into a store to get a free eye-check and that was stressful enough as with one eye I’m trying to read the chart and with the other checking Alyssa wasn’t breaking anything. So we dashed out as quickly as possible once I knew what lens prescription I needed and came home to use the PerfectGlasses.co.uk online service for ordering glasses…

In case you’ve not heard of them, Perfect Glasses is a great online store where you can buy everything from designer glasses at brilliantly low prices to prescription sunglasses. There’s loads of choice and its a really easy service to use.

So, first things first is you need to search through the wide range of frames that they have available. When I saw some of the designer names I have to admit my eyes lit up and even more so when I saw the affordable prices. Once you have found the frames that you’d like you can go into the specific page from them where there is a full break down of information including sizing and measurements. What I really liked was that you could get the frames with or without prescription lenses and as glasses are a definite fashion accessory these days, that is a great option.

Once selected, if getting prescription lenses, you then have to answer a few easy questions about how you’ll be using your glasses to ensure you get the right type of lenses and you can also choose the thickness of them too. Did you know you can even add a coloured tint to your lenses? There are loads of colours to choose from too! Then you simply have to put in the strength of prescription you need and you’re set!

I was really impressed with how quickly they arrived (I ordered 2 pairs – same glasses in different colours!!) and they came with their own colour co-ordinated cases too. What struck me most was the excellent quality of the glasses. They weren’t at all flimsy and felt really secure – Alyssa has grabbed them a few times and they’ve survived very well. You might be thinking well… how do I know if they are going to look right? Well, that’s because there is a “Try On” feature. You can load a picture of yourself up to the site and try different pairs of glasses on to see which will suit you – how nifty is that?!

Overall, I am really impressed with the service provided by Perfect Glasses. The choice available is huge, the service is brilliant as well as easy to use and the glasses are of great quality. I’d definitely recommend trying them out the next time you need glasses, prescription or otherwise AND don’t forget to check out the sunglasses too because summer is just around the corner!
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