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20th June 2019
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Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards 2019

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In this house the love for PAW Patrol is strong. Rescue dogs in training each with their own special skills, these pups have become heroes for many when trouble strikes in adventure bay, and are loved and looked up to by children all across the UK for their courage, leadership and the ability to solve every challenge that is thrown at them. Alyssa has loved them for a long time and whilst the obsession isn’t quite as extreme as it once was, there is a comfort she finds in these adorable pups! Until now I was not aware that Paw Patrol also celebrate real life heroes. For the second year in the row they will celebrating real life little heroes, with the Paw Patrol Little Heroes Paw Awards 2019. They are designed to credit little ones who have touched the lives of others.

Its now time to get nominating a little one for the 2019 awards. So if you know a little one who is aged 3 to 10 and in need of some recognition, then this is the award for them.  There are 8 Categories you can nominate in and your little one (or a friends little one with their parents permission) could have the chance to be selected by a panel of judges to attend a pup-tastic awards ceremony. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges and are invited to spend a luxury VIP weekend in London in order to attend the winning ceremony on Saturday 12th October. Each winner will also receive a bundle of Paw Patrol toys.  On the Sunday morning winners will be taken to Hamleys for an exclusive behind closed door experience. With some special activities and a donated voucher it will be the perfect way to end the weekend. You can nominate both your own or other people’s children via the website – www.PAWAwards.co.uk.

As I said, there are 8 categories, and these are;

The Skye Award for Courage 

Did your child do something courageous or face their fears or maybe help a friend overcome theirs? Let us know by nominating them.

The Rubble Award for Strength 

Did your child recently overcome something by showing great strength, emotionally or physically? Do you want to show them how proud you are of them? Then this is the award for them!

The Marshall Award for Loyalty 

Loyalty is very important and is not always easy to do or show. But it can be done in many ways. So if your child has shown loyalty in some way. Then get them nominated in this award.
The Rocky Award for Making a Difference 

There are so many ways a child can make a difference! Maybe they supported a charity, did something good for the environment, or simply came up with a brilliant idea. Show us how much of a star your child is by nominating them in this award.

The Everest Award for Kindness and Friendship

It is important to always be kind to our friends and family but if your child has gone that extra mile to show their kindness and friendship to someone then we want to know how.

The Chase Award for Leadership 

Being a leader is all about maturity, responsibility and confidence. If your little one is a great leader then this award is for them.

The Ryder Award for Kindness to Animals 

Maybe your child has recently helped an animal in need, or is always showing great care to that pet at home. We want to know in what ways your child shows kindness to animals.

The Zuma Award for being helpful

There are so many ways a child can be helpful. If your child has gone that extra mile to become helpful wether to you, a friend, a neighbour or a stranger then this is the time to let everyone know by nominating them in this award.

What an amazing set of awards and I can not wait to see who the winners will be. We got into the spirit by trying out Rumbles’ Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck and Marshalls Ride & Rescue Vehicle.



You can enter the Awards by visiting www.PAWAwards.co.uk and outline why this little one deserves to be one of the PAW Patrol Little Heroes of 2019. If you are nominating someone else’s child, please seek permission of the child’s parent or guardian first.

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  1. Love this! We have a big Pass Patrol fan here too, but I had no idea these awards exist! I think they’re a really lovely idea.