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6th November 2017
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8th November 2017
How much shopping do you actually do in person these days? All of it? None of it? I am completely guilty of being one of those people who I’d say does about 80% of their shopping online which actually when you think about it is a real shame because I do in fact love to go shopping and have a browse but I don’t really have time for that. There are a huge amount of pros and cons to both online shopping and in store browsing both of which seem to be locked in a never ending battle to come out on top. If online comes out on top then that means we lose our high streets which will also mean the loss of a lot of small businesses too. Does the High Street even have a chance or does it just need to give up the fight and get gone? Would you care if you couldn’t shop in store any more?

a woman in a red coat and sunglasses in front of a white building holding up lots of shopping bags in both hands

One of the things I look forward to most about Christmas is getting to go shopping – hunting out that perfect present that you didn’t even know existed for that awkward family member who never asks for anything, seeing all the decorations and humming along to the endless stream of Christmas Cds being played everywhere. person in rudolph jumper holding a ball of christmas lights

Each year, I seem to do more and more of my Christmas shopping online because let’s face it, apart from having to wait in for a delivery driver that never seems to want to come, it is a damn sight easier to just go online, do a quick search and order what you need. However, it also means that I run the risk of spending much more than I have available which before would have meant needing to get a payday loan from somewhere which was never an ideal situation. It’s when they offer you accounts with credit on that the problems come – I only ever buy things outright now and don’t have a single store card.drawing of a robot holding a flower looking sad

One of the advantages to shopping in-store is that I’d get cash out and leave my card at home meaning that I could only spend what I had which is a good approach. You can also try before you buy which is such a good idea for me because I don’t know about you but I am terrible about returning things I order online if they aren’t right or don’t fit which is such a huge waste of money. There is also something much nicer, friendlier and much more social about shopping in store than online – heaven forbid we should actually get to the point where no human interaction is required at all in life.

Here are some interesting facts from Swift Money about Online Vs. In Store shopping:

I actually find it quite comforting to see that more people prefer shopping in store still to shopping online. I completely agree that I shop more online in Winter than in Summer and it’s probably because I am just that little bit more lazy in the cold weather. Plus, has anyone tried shopping with my toddler?! No?! Well, put it this way… a babysitter is required or you’ll be insane by the time the barrier goes up letting you INTO the parking lot. Just saying! I think both have their pros and cons though so I am proudly and firmly sitting on the fence for this one.

How about you – In Store or Online?

*This is a Collaborative post – all opinions are my own.


  1. Nita says:

    I love doing both. Alot of the times, I will look online and then go to physical stores to have a better look and feel. If the item isn’t too bulky, I would opt to buy it in store, otherwise online it is! One of my top cons of online shopping is I don’t feel like I’ve actually brought anything because all I’m doing is clicking away… so I probably end up buying a lot more than I probably would if I was in a physical store. #ablogginggoodtime

  2. Mama Grace says:

    I shop online because I can get it delivered to my family if I’m not in the same country. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. I b uy nearly everything online these days #ablogginggoodtime

  4. I think depends on what you buy and confidence in the person who is making it. There is a lot of alternative/quirky stuff that you can’t buy in the shops or you might not have the transport to go to a shop and there is where online is good. Going to the physical shop is good in the fact you physically get to see the product. There is nothing better for me then going to a bookstore and physically looking at books, you can’t get that tangible experience online X #ablogginggoodtime

  5. Lexie says:

    I love going to the stores to just browse or to shop and check things out in person. We have been on a very, very tight budget though and I want to have time to spend with him. I tend to do more online shopping now. I can shop around for prices, just get what I need, and have it delivered.

  6. I will only buy clothes or shoes in store because I need to try them on, but I’m happy to buy other things online – especially groceries! Getting my weekly shop delivered has been a game-changer. #ablogginggoodtime

  7. I love shopping online as I generally don’t like the shopping experience and more so since I have a toddler. The downside is it makes it too easy to spend money, as I’m not physically handing it over. One click and it’s gone. I have to be disciplined! But I also like shopping online as I use cash back sites which mean I make a little back from shopping and I can put that towards emergencies or events like Christmas and birthdays. It’s tough though. I’ve been made redundant twice and at times like that when money is very tight (or on maternity leave) I always revert to shopping with cash only, taking out what a need for the week and only spending that. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

  8. I am trying to steer clear of shops and online shopping as I need to save!!! I do tend to do most in store, I just prefer the atmosphere and grabbing a coffee whilst out.

  9. Crummy Mummy says:

    I’m online as much as possible these days – it’s just so much easier with the kids! #ablogginggoodtime

  10. I am an online shopper. I hate looking for parking in town – our transport links aren’t great – and the cost of parking is prohibitive. Out of town places are just awful. Far too busy with stressed out shoppers. I work full time so trying to go at an earlier/less busy time is nigh on impossible.

    That being said, I have just had an awful experience online. The effort of re-packaging the goods, complaining, and returning them versus just seeing exactly what I am buying at a till are being played out as I type. It is a close run thing. #ablogginggoodtime.

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