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Nom Nom Pouches – Reusable Food Pouches

Right from the start I have had it in my head that I would make all of Alyssa’s baby food when she began weaning and for the most part I have. I went out and bought a load of pots and once a month have a chopping, peeling, steaming, pureeing session and load the freezer. This is great for the most part, however it’s a bit of a problem when going out as I find the lids pop off quite easily and leak and all those pots take up quite a lot of room in the freezer. So when Nom Nom Kids offered me some food pouches to try, I jumped at the chance as I had reverted to buying organic ready prepared pouches of food from the supermarket for when we were going out.

I was very fortunate to be sent quite a large package as the pouches come in different sizes and Alyssa was on the edge of two so we got sent both sets. Included were Nom Nom pouches, Lids and a Wipeable pen as there is a space on the back of each pouch to write information about what is in there and to include the childs name which is handy if you send

your child to nursery with a packed lunch!

Another great thing about the pouches is that there are answers on the back of each pouch to every question that parents would probably ask. The fact they are both dishwasher and freezer safe means they are really easy to use.

They also suggest heading over to the Nom Nom Kids website for tips and ideas of what to put inside. Now, whilst there are not a huge amount of recipes on the website, there are definitely enough to get you going at whatever age you are using these and hey if you come up with a new recipe why not send it over to them? You can click here to go and look at their recipes.

So me being the complete ditsy person I can be, read “Easy Fill and Clean” and was sat there (before opening I might add) thinking how the hell is that easy fill, because surely the food is going to have to be quite runny to go down that thin spout and as for cleaning… How?! They haven’t included a special brush or anything so does that mean I have to buy one?! Okay… no! I was being a total numpty. Once I had actually opened up the packaging and looked closer, I was able to see that one side of each pouch opens and then is resealable. By opening it you

can quite easily spoon food in or get a cloth or brush in there to wash or place over a rack in the dishwasher! So, first piece of advice when using this product is to briefly read the instructions before worrying you won’t be able to use it! So the idea is, that you pop a lid on a pouch, open the side, fill it with the product of your choice, seal, label and then either freeze for a later date or pop in the fridge to use within 48 hours like all other baby food.

I have to say this product has been completely brilliant for me. It uses less space in the freezer as they stand in a line in one drawer, they don’t come open (in my experience) and leak everywhere and one of the best things is that I can label what I have made so it is not a guessing game. I do such a huge batch of cooking I am tempted to get some more so that I can make loads and give up pots forever! Another great feature is that, whilst Alyssa is not really old enough to do this yet, when she is she will be able to drink/eat/suck the contents straight from the pouch as the child on the instruction booklet is doing which is great for Miss Independant let me tell you! So would I recommend Nom Nom Kids? Absolutely, a great product that is value for money and helps you ensure you know what your children are eating! Win win win in my book!

If you want to get your hands on your own Nom Nom Pouches click here.

 **Nom Nom Kids provided these products for free in order for me to provide a review. Opinions are honest and all my own**

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