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23rd February 2019
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28th February 2019
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As I’ve said a lot the last couple of months, Alyssa is getting all about the collectables. She has special handbags assigned to all sorts of collections and loves taking various figurines off to play with in her own imaginative little world. However, when it comes to the Moshi Monsters world from Mind Candy, we are total newbies.  I knew my Alyssa would be hooked on them from the start. Moshi Monsters is an online game for kids, where they can adopt and take care of a friendly monster. She has her own tablet which is a hand-me-down from me so this was perfect. The Moshi Monster Egg Hunt we’ve kindly been sent to review are based on the game!

This Spring Moshi Monsters are back with a new range of toys for children aged 5+, with an Egg Hunt theme! So, if you’re looking for alternative Easter Gifts this year, these would be a perfect choice! There are several sizes of sets available ranging from £2.79 to £19.99rrp. We were sent; 3 x Single packs £2.79rrp (1 egg and 1 Moshling, 1 leaflet and 1 Egg Hunt code) Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4 Pack £6.99rrp (1 egg and 4 Moshlings) Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 7 Pack £9.99rrp (2 eggs and 7 Moshlings) Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Monster Pack £9.99rrp (2 eggs and 17 Moshlings) and the Blingo’s Party House Playset £19.99rrp (1 Moshling – Blingo).

What’s the egg hunt code? Well, inside the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt packs are free digital gifts that unlock content on the Egg Hunt game online. So keep an eye out for them as you unpack the eggs. Even the cheapest 1 pack of Moshi Monsters contains a Moshi Monsters code!

The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt game is about catching and hatching the Moshling eggs. It’s a surprise who is in each egg! There are ultra rare and limited edition super Moshlings to find. In total there are over 40 to collect!!

Overall, we have really enjoyed playing with the Moshi Monsters. Obviously they are recommended for 5+ and that is because they are quite small so I’d imagine it’s to prevent a choking hazard so bare that in mind. Alyssa loves them and as long as I watch here she’s fine AND she REALLY loved the digital game which is something we can do together.


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