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10th March 2020
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National Feet Week: Do You Like Yours?

national feet week
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Let’s be honest, feet are weird things. I do not have a great relationship with mine because I simply do not like them. They show the wear and tear from years of dancing and I do not take very good care of them. I used to go for the odd pedicure and each and every time a comment would be made about them. Wow – you have strong, tough nails. Blimey you don’t take care of your feet do you? The answer is of course, no. I have a million things to do and my feet just are not a priority apart from a lick of paint in the summer so I can wear flip flops. However, this week is #NationalFeetWeek and the purpose is to get people talking about their feet. We go for regular check ups for nearly every other part of our bodies, so why not feet?

national feet week

Osgo Healtcare, the team behind National Feet Week, are keen to encourage people not to ignore common foot complaints which can lead to serious issues and pain. Many people will suffer in silence with common foot complaints which can ultimately lead to conditions becoming more serious and affecting overall health and wellbeing.

This about so much more than making sure you give your foot the odd pedicure but actually seeking medical help from a podiatrist when problems arise. A podiatrist is an expert in foot health and the best person to turn to when experiencing fungal nail infections, corns, heel pain and hard skin or indeed any other symptoms relating to the feet. Most conditions can all be routinely treated giving feet a new lease of life and avoiding pain and discomfort from reoccurring.

Let’s face it, for those of us who have had a manicure, pedicure, massage or even a blinding hot bath with some bath salts in, how good do the various parts of our bodies feel when they are given just a little bit of tender loving care…so why should feet be any different?

I know that I need to take better care of my feet to have a better relationship with them and for them to keep carrying me around the way that they do. My feet ultimately deserve a lot better than what I currently give them.

For more information about common foot ailments and how a podiatrist can help, visit www.podsfixfeet.co.uk. Visit www.nationalfeetweek.org


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