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12th July 2016
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13th July 2016

My Summer. Her Summer. Our Summer.

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Take a moment if you will. Sit. Close your eyes and cast your mind back. Not too far as I am not that old but back to the 1990’s. From 1990 – 2000 I went from age 5 to 15 with my sister trailing two years behind me. I worked hard at school, did lots of extra curricular activities that kept me busy throughout the year and I enjoyed myself. However, my favourite time of year, like most children was summer. I count myself exceedingly lucky for the summer holidays I had – as they were always so special. I hear you saying why? What was so special?! Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t foreign holidays as I didn’t go abroad for the first time until I was twelve and it wasn’t even simply playing in the garden at home. No, for 2 weeks every summer for as far back as I can remember, my mum would pack my sister and I a suitcase each and we would bundle in the car with a pillow each, a few toys and our suitcases and make the long drive from our home in Dorset to the home of some of my favourite childhood memories… Bexhill-on-Sea. bexhill sea front with the pavillion and peopleMy sister and I would sleep most of the way, opening our eyes occasionally to sing songs with my mum and step dad or eat a snack or look out for familiar landmarks which would let us know how close we were getting.

We’d wake to find ourselves pulling up outside a very familiar house and I would jump out the the car, teddy in one hand and go racing up the path to the open door and stood there with open arms would be my wonderful Nanny and Great Auntie Edie (though we called her Dede!!) Waiting for us inside after our long journey would be the most delicious and crispy jacket potatoes and steaming plates of goooey cauliflower cheese – without fail! They tried to change our welcome meal once and we objected so much that the mere suggestion of changing it was never mentioned again. What were we doing here? Well my sister and I were about to spend two glorious weeks in Bexhill with my Nanny and all our cousins and Great Aunts and Uncles whilst my mum and step-dad returned home. We felt very grown-up and special about being left and knew we were in for a good time whilst poor mummy had to go back to boring old Dorset (of course now that I am older I realise how much of a holiday this must have been for her too!!)

boating lake in a park. people stood eating ice lollies

After our delicious lunch we would wave goodbye to mummy and within minutes would be unpacking and settling in. One of us would be sleeping at Nannys and one of us at Auntie Edies and then we would meet up first thing and spend the days together playing. So, what on Earth did we do? Well, what didn’t we do! We would pack up picnics every day and head out on our adventures. Sometimes this would see us at the park riding on wooden horses that my mother had once ridden on when she was a child. Or heading down to the beach and paddling in the surf and popping the odd 2 pence Β into an arcade machine – though we never stayed long as Nanny always used to say those things were far too noisy. One of my fondest memories is that every year we would visit the De La Warr Pavillion on the seafront and go and watch “Barry & Alison’s Magic Show!” We went every year and it got to be that they would remember us and call us up to help with their tricks – it also meant they had to come up with new tricks as they said we knew their old ones! We’d go for day trips on the bus or our older cousins would come and pick us up and take us to fantastic fun fairs or evenings at the fair on Brighton pier with chips in paper and ice creams dripping down our chins! There would be great Uncle Bill throwing us in the air and Great Uncle Ron tricking us once again by pulling off his own finger!! We never wanted those holidays to end and even now those times seem truly magical to me and in this technological time I find myself living in I hold those much simpler holidays very close to my heart.

Alyssa and I in black and white at the beach

I’m sad to say that in the last few years I have lost be precious Nanny and Auntie Edie but I am so very fortunate to have all those wonderful memories. We also still have cousins, second cousins and a few aunts and uncles still living in Bexhill and it just so happened that a few weeks ago, my mum suggested taking a road trip for a few days and going to see some of them. So mum, Alyssa and I hopped in the car and spent two lovely days back in my childhood summer town. It was wonderful to go there with Alyssa and sit on the promenade looking down at the beach I used to play on and driving past the De La Warr which still looks exactly the same. So much has changed – there are different shops, different people, the horses in the park have gone and the wooden horses are no more. However the essence of those summers is still there. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first person to say that I adore getting on a plane and jetting off somewhere hot with a pool for a week or two and really relaxing but actually I wouldn’t be adverse to spending a week or two down at the seaside like I did back in the 90’s when I was a child.

I look down at Alyssa and think that she has so much to look forward to as she grows up and whilst I cannot believe a year has passed already I don’t want her to grow up too fast and be swept away by new technologies and exotic locations when the summers I used to have were, in my mind completely perfect. Of course, I look forward to showing Alyssa the world and all the wondrous things it has to hold, but I will be sure not to forget my own home and childhood and the wonders that I have to show her here too – let’s go back to the 90s!

beach with a pier and people in the water
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  1. Sarah says:

    Those summers were fantastic weren’t they? I went from 10-20, and it was probably my favourite decade! Best music too πŸ˜€

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      They were the best and yeah awesome music. I did a 90s music weekend at butlins… awesome doesnt describe it! X

  2. Sorry to hear about your Nanny. Summers seemed way more simple back then (omg how old do I sound?!) didn’t they? And I’m pretty sure they were always warm and sunny too! Such a lovely post – you write so beautifully that you transported me right back there with you πŸ™‚ #triballove x

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Thanks sweet. It was really tough because she truly was just amazing to me. It makes me sad that she never got to meet Alyssa. They were always sunny werent they. We do sound old lol x

  3. Kerrie says:

    They were amazing times sis

  4. Becky says:

    Great memories! We use to vacation with my grandparents every year growing up too. They were some of my best memories that I will always treasure. I am sure you will make those memories for your daughter as well.

  5. It sounds like you have such wonderful summer memories, and it’s great that you were able to share such a special place with Alyssa. My family would go to the seaside too (although it was the Jersey Shore) and 16 aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins would stay in a big house together across from the beach. It was the only time we all got together in the same place and was really special. #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Such a lovely nostalgic post hung. Made me think of going on day trips to Whitby or Scarborough with my nana and grandad. Happy days indeed and we always visit Whitby when we are in the UK. In fact I have paintings of Whitby on my living room wall as it holds such fond memories for me. Loved this!

  7. Oh they were such special times weren’t they – we also spent summers in the UK down in Devon with family – just the best summers spent on Devon beaches with my cousins – I would not have wanted to be anywhere else. It’s wonderful that you’ve taken Alyssa there and you will more and more as she gets older and can do more. Sorry to hear you’ve lost close relatives – you must dig out the photographs so that the memories of them are always close – they sound like they would give such positive energy. A gorgeous nostalgic post #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Lisa Savage says:

    What beautiful memories to have. I used to do something similar leaving the Midlands to go to Hampshire to stay with my Nanna and Grandad. Those trips were just so everything being at home wasn’t. We did stuff, we went places, we had fun all together. I have no idea if O will ever be able to stay on his own with his grandparents, but I hope he can. Its gave me some of the best memories/experiences of my childhood! Lovely post #ablogginggoodtime

  9. What a precious thing to do! I hope you get to take her again when she a little older, so you can show her everything. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! #ablogginggoodtime

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

    PS. Thanks for hosting

  10. Ah lovely memories. Its the little things isn’t it, like foods you would eat, that you remember. My nan used to make me pasta and tinned chicken curry, now I see it is actually a really odd thing to eat but I still do because it makes me feel just like I did then.

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      I know… for some reason i can’t make cheese and cucumber sandwiches as good as them but they’re still my favourite x

  11. Powerporter says:

    What wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing them. I have thought the holidays we have already have with our little ones that have been cheap cheerful staycations have been our favourite ways to holiday versus the expensive abroad holidays we have had! I think a few more UK trips are ahead. Stopping by for #ablogginggoodtime

  12. I love a bit of nostalgia. For me it’s the 80s but the 90s were pretty cool too! I can’t get enough of reliving my childhood an it’s what makes having kids such fun. Love this. #ablogginggoodtime

  13. This is lovely! It reminds me so much of my holidays with my aunt and uncle in Weston-Super-Mare. I love your comment that they once tried to change the ‘welcome meal’ and you wouldn’t have it! It really resonates with me – those holidays of familiarity are so comforting to children. Funnily enough, there was a programme on Radio 4 yesterday talking about Bexhill and I was wondering whether we should take a look. I think we’ll go and check it out after reading this! Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

  14. This is such a lovely post and has made me long for those summer 90’s days once again. Like you, me and my family would always take the long drive to Liverpool to stay for 2 weeks with my nanna and gramps during the summer holidays and what fond memories, thanks for taking me back and so sorry to hear about your nan. #ablogginggoodtime

  15. Ellen says:

    I adore this – our family always took family holidays to Dorset (the Durdle Door/Lulworth area), usually camping. We just had the best time, we spent pretty much every day on the beach, did lots of walking, occasionally went to museums and for day trips but mostly just enjoyed the sun on the beach. I love that place! B and I went back while I was pregnant and I can’t wait to take TM at some point. It’s a beautiful area.
    I love that you have such precious memories and that you will share the same place with your daughter so she can create her own. #ablogginggoodtime

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      When you come back you have to visit me i am just down the road. I may have been there when you were xx

  16. Aww I can’t actually relate personally but Himself used to holiday with his parents and grandparents in Great Yarmouth a lot as a child and my in-laws now have a caravan near there where we take the children twice a year. They absolutely LOVE it!! Me, not so much but their happiness and a couple of bottle of Merlot see me through the week πŸ™‚ I hope they will look back fondly on these days in the way you have in your post πŸ™‚ x #ablogginggoodtime

  17. Sh says:

    What a lovely post. So many special memories – it sounds wonderful. I was in my twenties in that decade and I remember the summer of 1998 the best as my eldest child was born. The weather was glorious and I spent hours pushing her around the park. #ablogginggoodtime

  18. Aawwwwh, that’s just lovely. We take our kids to my dads every summer as they still live by the sea. The kids love it! Thanks for making me sit for a moment #ablogginggoodtime

  19. I have such fond memories of my childhood. I didn’t have any fancy holidays abroad because I was raised by my grandparents who were too unwell to fly. Still, I loved going away to Wales. I love the place still and want my daughter to experience those lovely Summers I used to. #ablogginggoodtime

  20. This is lovely, it reminded me of going away and spending time with my Nan, Granddad and Aunty. We used to go to Potters, (like a Haven) and I remember having the best time and making such good friends. I was only 5, as I got older we would spend time in London and my brother came along too, we did all the tourist things, museums, London Zoo. For me that was the 80s to 90s. My Mum and Dad got a break and we got to spend a lovely time with family. Precious memories. Thanks for sharing and helping to bring the memories back. x #ablogginggoodtime

  21. Oh your childhood summers sound wonderful – what a perfect way to spend a couple of weeks and how lovely to have so many wonderful memories to look back on. My childhood summers were lovely simple ones too – lots of playing outside, being taken on day trips here and there by my parents and whilst I’m sure it must have rained sometimes, all I remember is sunshine! So sorry to hear that your Nanny and Auntie Edie are no longer with you but what amazing memories to have and hopefully you can recreate a little of that magic with Alyssa’s childhood summers. #ablogginggoodtime

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Thank you sweetheart.. isnt it funny that in those good times all we can remember is sunshine? x

  22. Aww this is lovely! Funnily enough I was thinking about the 90’s the other day and the amazing times we had as kids. How lovely to share that with Alyssa too, she’s got so many wonderful things to look forward to. Lovely pics and I’m still in love with your site πŸ˜‰ xx #ablogginggoodtime

  23. Ah I was gripped by the gorgeous and happy descriptions of your holidays growing up…the sense of adventure and excitement, the activities, the seaside…just wonderful. What a lovely set of memories to have and how exciting to think that, as you say, Alyssa has all these memories to build. It must have been great to take her back to Bexhill with you…I love taking my son to places that have been special to me, they always feel that much more special once I’ve validated them with the son stamp of experience! #ablogginggoodtime

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      Ha ha I totally agree. I waited with baited breath for that smile and squeal of delight and knew shed love it just as much as me x

  24. ohlucy says:

    Sounds so much like my holidays to Weston-Supermare when I was younger! We always looked out for the big Asda, the rock wall, the sea and then more specifically the pig huts that were just two streets away from where we were staying! I went back a couple of years ago and though the site is now completely different, the fish and chips were the same πŸ™‚ Lucy xx #triballove

  25. Lynne says:

    What lovely memories to hold on to and pass down to your daughter. Thanks for hosting #ablogginggoodtime

  26. Karen says:

    I have same said memories of same said town. The long road trip from Devon to visit my nanny &a grandad. Special times X #ablogginggoodtime

  27. Sassy says:

    Family holidays at the seaside sount perfect! I think there are so many beautiful places in the UK to enjoy your holiday, and I’m glad you have such fantastic childhood memories πŸ™‚ xxx #ablogginggoodtime

  28. I spent a week every summer at my grandparent’s house when I was a child also. Very fond memories and a tradition that I hope my parent’s plan to start soon also #bloggingoodtime

  29. Such a lovely post. I used to love spending time with my grandparents in the summer, going to their caravans in Great Yarmouth & Skegness #abloggingoodtime

  30. Oh I am feeling all nostaglic! I too would spend a week or 2 with my grandparents away from home with my brother and I have some really special memories of those times. The 90s were so much more innocent and in many ways I miss them. So glad you have all thise memories to keep your nanny and Great aunty close forever xxx

  31. Tammymum says:

    Oh want lovely. Memories Katie! I look. Ack so fondly on my summer holidays and can’t wait for my children to experience the same pleasure. Its so. I r that you got to take Alyssa there too and to meet her family, what a lovely experience ce for you all xx #ablogginggoodtime

  32. In the 90’s I went from 9 to 19 from child to mother was the best of decades IMO especially as a teenager.
    I also used to spend 2 weeks of the summer holidays with family. My brother and I used to go to the isle of sheppy to stay with our aunty Libby and cousin pippa. Those summers where like something out of an Enid Blyton we’d get up, have a big breakfast and then disappear of exploring till we got hungry! Oh how I miss those summers

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      That’s exactly it… it was like Enid Blyton with lashings of ginger beer! You’ve made me want to reread malory towers lol x

  33. There is nothing better than childhood summer time memories. My summers were always spent on the beach and we always had glorious hot summers. The whole family would go to the beach and we would go all day everyday for the month of August! Great times. Thanks for taking me back there xx #ablogginggoodtime

  34. Aww such precious memories! My cousins and I used to all stay in our other cousins big farming was so magical all the kids together playing, feeding the animals, going to the beach, bike rides, blackberry picking! it really is the simple thongs in life isn’t it?! #ablogginggoodtime xxx

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      It totally is. I think our summers sound other worldy. Very different time we live in now x

  35. Rachel says:

    I love reading posts like this. Reminds me of my childhood in the 90’s as well.

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