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18th October 2016
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18th October 2016

My Mama Style…with DressFo

Womans arm with watch on and grey jacket, other arm across stomach with a bracelet
I have never really had a set style – I have breezed in and out of everything from hippy to goth, dancer to glam and everything in between and never really settling on a style and never really knowing what suited me and what didn’t. To be honest, I still don’t really fit into a certain mould though I do feel I have definitely created my own “mama-style” which basically revolves me being comfortable. I don’t go out often but when I do, I really like to make an effort because it is such a rare occasion for me to get grown-up time where what I wear doesn’t have to be considered carefully in case I have to hold or do something with/for Alyssa. When the American company, Dress Fo asked me if I’d like to try out some of their clothes, how could I refuse….?

girl in a duffel coat peeking from behind the hood


Now as a pre-warning there is no way in hell I will look like the girl in the picture above but I can dream can’t I?! So, when Dress Fo came to me and asked if i’d like to choose some clothes it felt like such a novelty as I rarely buy myself anything these days and just make do with what I have so to be able to choose some clothes was awesome! I decided to go for tops because I often think bottoms can be more diverse and I prefer to try them on in-store too. To be honest I was a little nervous as I had to take pictures of myself because I am not very comfortable with my body at the moment – I put on weight thanks to my new Thyroid condition post pregnancy and haven’t managed to lose my baby weight yet but hey ho here we go…

Me standing against a fence wearing a t-shirt and leggings, hair up and glasses onThe first look I chose was this amazing Woman’s Stylish Letter Pattern Short Sleeve T-shirt with the words “Mommin Ain’t Easy!” This is now officially my new favourite top… it is really soft and whilst it is stretchy it is cotton stretch and not lycra which means it falls better and for a plus size girl that’s always important. This is generally how I loblack topok during the day… comfy leggings, hair-up… a sensible look for chasing my daughter and the glasses go on when I am working! I actually wore this top to Tesco after the photo-shoot and the check-out girl said she loved my top, it was so true and where could she get one?? I of course told her, but may have raced home to order another one for myself too!

The second top I chose was the Plus Size Cold Shoulder Loose Fitting Top… now I love this but must apologise for the lack of photo with me in it… I just could not find a shot I was happy with. I think that for me this top wasn’t as loose around the middle as I was expecting and this made me a little self conscious. However, I love the sleeves as they billow slightly so show skin without showing too much and the v-neck is the perfect shape for my chest.A lovely top that would look great for a drink with a friend, paired with a nice pair of jeans and sparkly ballet pumps maybe!

me hair down in black lace dressOkay so this final look was actually my absolute favourite as I felt amazing in it! I chose the Plunging Neck Lace Splicing See-Through Plus Size Dress and it was/is absolutely gorgeous. First thing is that it was a little short for me to consider it a dress so I paired it with some black wet look leggings and a nude heel. I let my long hair down (which I never do and had forgotten how long it actually was!!!) and whacked on a statement lippy too and I have to say I felt awesome. It said see-through because the breast/cup area is see-through as well as the sleeves but with a plain black bra on it didn’t look that way at all. If I am going out-out (you guys know what I mean) I like to either cover my boobs or legs and in this case I covered my legs so was quite happy to have a bit of cleavage showing… love it!!

As I said it was a total novelty for me to get to choose clothes and I got some tops I really loved. Delivery was really quick considering things came from the states and the tops arrived, well packaged within two weeks. I will say that you need to make sure you check the sizing charts as they are American sizes. I was unsure so I went up a size and am glad I did. The only one I didn’t do this with was the second top and I think if I had it would have been as loose as it was meant to be so just something to bare in mind when you go shopping…. cos let’s face it you so need to go and have a browse now don’t you! I think all three items felt like they were a good wuality and not that expensive either!


a clothes rack with hangers on


So there you have it folks… actual pictures of me that go below the neck and you got a glimpse at how I like to style myself in my  own mama style! What kind of style do you like? What was your favourite look of mine?


This was a collaborative post – all thoughts are my own

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