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22nd October 2018
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25th October 2018
My daughter has never fit into a box of what she likes to play with. She’s never fit into a stereotypical box either – she may be girly and adore all things pink and sparkly but she has no qualms about getting muddy, pretending to be a dinosaur and going on adventures. Nothing will stop her. When Scalextric got in touch and asked if Alyssa wanted to try out a My First Scalextric we were really excited but even more so when they asked if my nephew Rowan would like to try out the Scalextric Endurance set and Expansion packs, so needless to say I had two very excited cousins indeed…

My First Scalextric

Alyssa appears to have a bit of a need for speed and a competitive edge (can’t think where she gets it from!!) and so something like the My First Scalextric is perfect for her – suitable for ages 3+. There was excitement right from the off when this box arrived. We opened it up and it’s all boxed really well and something that I liked was that there was no plastic – everything was wrapped in tissue paper and cardboard!

Now, it is really, REALLY easy to set up. All the parts simply lift out and slot together to form a figure of eight track. Initially I thought it was a completely flat track but it isn’t – there are a couple of little stilts that raise the middle part of the track up, creating two levels and a sort of tunnel. The pieces slot really easily together with a push and come apart just as easily once you are done.

There is a very clear starting spot for the cars, one red and one yellow, and it is also here that the power lead is plugged in and down to the mains. Each car has it’s only little power “gun” which is really easy for little hands to use and removes any worry that they won’t be able to drive the car round the track.

Scalextric Endurance and Expansions

Of course we couldn’t leave Rowan and us adults out of the mix because Alyssa isn’t the only one with a competitive edge – shocker I know! So we were very lucky to be sent the Scalextric Endurance Track plus the Scalextric Expansion 1 and Scalextric Ultimate Track Extension Pack for us adults to have a play with!

Let’s just say when I pulled these boxes out there were a lot of Ooohs and Ahhs from the eager faces waiting! So the Endurance set is your basic Scalextric set-up with two cars, the controllers and a standard circular track which is suitable for age 5+. It’s all one flat surface with no rise and fall but is a perfect starter kit and as with the other track, the pieces slot together and pull apart really easily.

This set does take a little more to unbox as the cars are screwed into place in the box and the track pieces are wrapped in bubble wrap but it only took a few minutes to set the whole track up. Again, really easy to use with the “power guns” and cause a great amount of competitiveness within the household.

Likewise with both expansion packs, they were really easy to set up and really made the track something else! It was at this point we had to learn to control the power of the cars to stop them crashing into the ultimate track extension wall or flying off the track all together! This has however, made us want to get even more track and see how much of the house we can cover in it at one time!


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  1. Sarah Addey says:

    My daughter would love this

  2. Angela Sharp says:

    My son would enjoy this game

  3. Mumstheword says:

    Your daughter has sooooo much in common with mine ? Fingers crossed for a win for her ?

  4. Rachael Obrien says:

    This is on my three year old , car crazy , sons wish list !! Thankyou for this amazing opportunity!!

  5. Alison Clark says:

    I remember a couple of christmas’s my nephew getting his first scaletrix – next it will be my sons turn. I remember my brother loving his when we were kids so nice to see these long standing products.

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