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20th March 2020
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Must-Haves For Baby’s First 6 Months

*This is a collaborative post.
When it comes to having a new baby, there are so many products out there that supposedly “make life easier” for you. It can be hard to know what to get, and what isn’t worth it. It’s good to start out by buying a few must-have basics, and then go from there. Here are a few ideas for the best must-have items for your baby’s first six months.

Baby Nappies

Nappies are an absolute necessity when it comes to a new baby. So there’s not much of a choice when it comes to whether you will or won’t buy nappies. You do, however, have a choice of the kind of nappies your purchase. You can go with disposable or cloth nappies.

Disposable nappies mean minimal cleaning, since you just throw them away. However, you have to continue to buy them over and over, and they are not eco-friendly.

Cloth nappies, on the other hand, require you to wash them after they’ve been used. That can make for messy business. You can reuse them, which makes them much less of an investment, and they are very eco-friendly.

Baby Carrierchild with a spoon at mouth with orange mush on it

Having a baby chest carrier is essential when it comes to keeping your baby close. Baby carriers allow you to keep your baby attached to you at all times, which keeps your hands free to do other things.

You can be reassured that your baby is safe and snug on your chest while you take care of your home, work, or even while taking a walk.

Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Taking your baby shopping can be scary, especially because you don’t know what kind of germs are lurking all over the carts at the supermarket. To make things easier, get a Binxy Baby shopping cart cover.

A shopping cart cover allows your baby to rest snuggly in the cart while not being exposed to germs and icky substances on the cart. So you can worry about one less thing while you’re shopping.

Nose Frieda

When your child gets a stuffy nose, the Nose Frieda will be your best friend. Put one end of the Nose Frieda in your baby’s nostril, and the other end in your mouth. Don’t worry, there’s a filter! The Nose Frieda will help you quickly and efficiently clean your baby’s nose, so you can both breathe easier.

a baby sat on a white towel naked looking at the camera with a yellow towel over its head and blue tiles behind it

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

If you don’t have at least one of these, you need one, or two… or five. Muslin swaddle blankets are lightweight, absorbent, and have several functions. You can, of course, use them to swaddle your baby. You can also use the blankets as nursing covers, and they are great for a quick clean up if your baby spits up.

Making sure that you and your baby are the most comfortable you can be is very important–especially as you get to know each other in the first six months. So as you choose what products to buy, make sure they fit your needs and priorities.



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