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Mother’s Day with Colorland

*Ad-Gifted. All Opinions are my own.
I can still remember my first Mother’s day. The year before I had received a card from my bump but the year of my first proper mother’s day was truly wonderful because I was finally the thing I had waited my entire life to be. Since I was 14 I can remember thinking, I need to be a mother. Even though I was only 29 at the time I had resigned myself to the fact it may not happen and then up popped my little miracle surprise. Now, nearly 5 years on and if it is possible I love her more and more each day. She has a lot of love from a lot of women within our family and friends and I am so grateful she receives all of that. What better gift for me or all of these women on Mother’s day than photographic mementos of special times with my little one and Colorland provides just that and more.


I have always loved Colorland and the different photographic and personalised items available. In the past I have solely ordered canvas prints of my favourite photographs from them because I knew I was guaranteed the quality.colorland magnets

This time however, with it being Mother’s Day, I felt like different, more personalised items were a good idea especially for the grandparents, whom I hope love nothing more than looking back over photos of a young Alyssa or perhaps their fur babies.

Something I really loved was being able to create personalised magnets, and so I chose to make ones with pictures of Alyssa, me and Mr Tutu and a load of other special photographs. I actually got a few of these for Alyssa as she loves moving the magnets around on our fridge and we already have some memento ones.

colorland calendar

Another great gift for someone is the personalised photographic calendar. You can choose what month it begins in, choose the style and design and then your own picture for each and every month.

Finally, the really special item was the personalised photo book. These are really gorgeous. They are a minimum of 32 pages which I admit I did find a lot and took me a long time to create but there are lots of options for adding pictures, text as well as little decorative items to make a truly beautiful keepsake.

colorland photo book

If you’d like to grab your own keepsakes and mementos I have some great offers for you…

For a packet of 6 6.5×6.5cm Magnets for only £3.49 + postage click here and use code BLOGGTUTU1

For an A5 50 page Photo Book for only 3.99 + postage click here and use code BLOGGTUTU2

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